Do we consider when someone sets out to accomplish a goal but does not finish the work that they have failed? Yeah, I’ve been guilty of that a lot in my lifetime. I think it may come under the heading of being judgmental. Which is more important: Starting with determination and commitment, or finishing just for the sake of having done something? Is it the overall result or the intent of the soul that matters most?

Amelia Earhart

It hit me recently how often we may rush to judgment. From out of nowhere this popped into my mind – Amelia Earhart is unquestionably one of the most recognized aviators in the history of flight, yet she failed to complete her task. She set out to fly around the world, and somewhere along the way, simply dropped from the sky, never to be found. There are innumerable theories what may have happened to her. She died, but she died taking on the challenge.

So, by not making it back home, did she fail? Becoming the most world-famous aviatrix in history simply must count for some sort of success, even if posthumously.

You see, it’s not if we fall that is truly considered failure, it’s in whether or not we get back up and go at it again, continuing the mission set before us. My mother, in all her southern wisdom, used to tell me over and over again, “Can’t never could,” when I began whining about a chore I felt was daunting, “But Mama, I caaaan’t!”

You may ask, “But what if I don’t make it?” To that I reply, “Well, what if you do?”

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