One of my most common discussions with others is why I am a domestic violence speaker. After many years of digging, growing, progressing and learning, life would make no sense being anything but a domestic violence speaker, advocate and trainer. It hasn’t been easy, and it didn’t come overnight. There has to be time for30

It can be helpful to keep a journal if you are a victim of domestic violence. If you decide to keep a journal about any domestic violence or partner abuse you experience, the first priority must be your safety. If you have an inkling of journaling on a computer that may be hacked, don’t do30

When others control us, it’s amazing the power one person can have over another. What do we do when we find ourselves in a position of being controlled by others? When others control us, they can exercise certain levels of power over another’s emotional well being. Others control us through money, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation30

The book and movie, “The Help,” broke many records for sales of copies, tickets and pay-per-view, so perhaps the time is excellent to look back on racism in America. It was the late 1950s. I only recall three terms used to describe “the darker race” in America: Negro, the coloreds and the “N” word. No30

MAYA ANGELOU  Maya Angelou… What do I, a short Caucasian blonde daughter of the South have in common with Maya Angelou?  When I think of Maya Angelou, I think of how I love her work, her smile, the twinkle in her eyes and her manner of presence. It seems every time she speaks or puts30

GO DOWN DEATH Mama went on home May 12, 1999, thirteen years ago at 10:00 tonight. I will always remember the details of that day. Every May 12 it comes to visit. Thirteen years ago, at this very moment, I was lying beside her in the hospital bed, holding her, caressing her arms and hair,30

IDES OF MARCH I’ll bet you are wondering why the short blonde has decided to blog about the Ides of March when Easter is so close upon us. Shouldn’t I be talking about bunnies, eggs, crosses and resurrections? Well, this is a sort of resurrection story.  So, why choose now to talk about such an unimportant30

KEEP FAMILY SECRETS  Are you compelled to keep family secrets? Those dark hidden secrets like sexual abuse that happened to you as a child? Are you a victim of sexual abuse? Still carrying around that demon as you keep family secrets from being discovered? Do you find it emotionally and mentally paralyzing? It can be30

DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU DON’T MEASURE UP?   How many fully grown adults are still beating themselves up over the fact they always felt they never measured up. Do you measure up? Have you ever been made to feel, or God forbid, been told you don’t measure up? Was it subliminally planted within your30

TOO OFTEN WE WANDER ABOUT, SEEKING PURPOSE IN LIFE. Once we feel we have discovered a fragment of that purpose, we attempt to fulfill it, put it to use, make our lives mean something. Scripture tells us, “They will know you by the fruit you bear.” My mental eye immediately perceives an orange tree covered30