Do you realize how domestic violence impacts our economy? How it hits your wallet, as it hits victims in the face, chest or emotions? The general public is mostly unaware how domestic violence impacts our economy. It costs us enormous amounts each year. A great chunk could be taken out of our deficit by doing30

I have a lot to be thankful for, and I surely do not take that for granted. But I also know, firsthand, how difficult the holiday season is for victims of domestic/intimate partner violence. My personal experience was that there would most likely be a “flare up” of violence and/or abusiveness taking place on practically30

The Florida Attorney General’s Statewide Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team, in their report issued January 2011 found that “in 37% of domestic violence fatalities, family members, friends, co-workers and others were aware domestic violence was occurring.” In simpler terms, for every 3 women, men or children who die as the result of domestic violence, one30

The majority of time, society considers domestic violence as a spouse abusing a spouse, or intimate partner abuse. How often do we hear or read reports of parents abusing their own children? We hear of babies being brutally beaten just to make them stop crying. A book that was published several years ago brought the30

At some time or another every victim of spouse abuse or domestic/intimate partner violence will be asked, “Why don’t you just leave?” We have a list as long as our arm as to why we stay, no matter how deeply we desire to get out of the situation. WE know why we choose to stay,30

When we are busy at the office trying to meet deadlines, getting projects completed, answering phones that are ringing off the hook, domestic violence is probably one of the last things to cross our mind—unless we are a present victim. How many of our coworkers are being buffeted by spousal or intimate partner abuse or30

Have you ever known of a married couple who “just couldn’t get along?” They snipped and snapped, even in public, with no respect or regard for the other? It almost seemed as if they were egging the other on to take the first swing. Now, that is most certainly dysfunctional, but it is what I30

For far too long we have considered domestic violence as an anger management issue. Someone loses their temper and flies off the handle. That is only the tip of the iceberg. The driving force behind domestic/intimate partner violence is the fear of losing power and/or control over the victim. It is rare that domestic violence30

I’d be willing to bet my last nickel on the fact that every victim of domestic violence who had small children at the time asked themselves, “Should I stay for the kids?” We moms tend to be protective of our offspring. Ever taken on a mama hen when she’s nesting her hatchlings? Read any news30

Many of us victims, former victims, struggling survivors and overcomers have at some time asked ourselves, “How did the domestic violence begin?”  I figure there are no statistics to back this up, but feel it is a dependable observation: Domestic violence, as well as spouse/intimate partner abuse starts with a word. That’s right, one word,30