[polldaddy poll=5189854]  This trial is becoming more and more amazing as each day passes. I find it absolutely amazing that the poll included on a post during the prosecution’s presentation had 97% of those voting Casey was guilty. Now that the defense has taken their turn, it is currently down to 77%, give or take.30

Is anybody shocked to now see a mistress surface, claiming she had an affair with George Anthony? Chiropractic business in Florida must be booming, with necks and spines being thrown out of place from all the head shaking going on. We had the duct tape. I see that as an equivalent to the glove in30

I HAVE UPDATED THIS POST. SEE THE LINK BELOW. THE VERDICT IS IN. WE MAY NOW REST OUR CASE. I know, I know – innocent until proven guilty. I work for attorneys, and have for most of my adult life. I get it. This is America, benefit of the doubt, I understand, and am thankful30