The past three days have been quite rewarding and enlightening on my journey to bring awareness to the areas of domestic/intimate partner violence, child sex abuse and sexual assault. I decided to take three vacation days and make this Memorial Day weekend a mini-working vacation sort of blend. But, oh, the places I’ve seen. Wednesday30

I have begun working on a second book, one providing not only answers from my own life to victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence, but also to bring in major players in the advocacy work against domestic and sexual assault awareness as contributors. It seemed sensible to revisit one of my more successful30

What a life this has been, so far! It has been full of “what if,” “if only,” “I should’ve…could’ve,” and “If I could just go back…” But, we can’t. The past is passed, the future may never get here, and all we truly have is the gift of today. That’s why they call it the30

This post is dedicated to every victim of sexual assault, including our precious little angels who suffered at the hands of child molestation, and those brave souls who experienced rape, whether attempted or completed. To those whose lives were snuffed out as a result of a most unimaginable travesty, to all the special angels, no30

  All of my life I have been told I am required, as a Christian, to “forgive and forget.” I’ve often wondered if Christ realized what he was asking of us. I mean, really, I’m supposed to forgive someone who tried to put my head through a door? I’m supposed to forgive the one who30

I am almost sure, if we were to have listened just a bit closer, we’d have heard Jeff and Dave whisper as they were arriving at Heaven’s gates, “Thanks, guys. We’ll be standing watch from here now.” Rest in the arms of your Father, officers. “Well done, good and faithful servants.”