Are you thinking that injunction isn’t worth the paper it’s written on? Do you wonder how you can make the most of the fact you have an injunction against your abuser? You will notice when this Order was entered on my behalf, it was an Order for a temporary ex parte “injunction.” Today they are30

No Contact Order. . .  Injunction for Protective Order. . . Restraining Order . . . Call them what you will. Many victims of domestic violence are not even aware they are available to them. Many know they exist, but have been threatened to be killed if they involve “the law,” and that includes the30

    How many women who tried to break out of an abusive relationship are lying in our cemeteries today? The danger associated with attempting to escape domestic violence is somber. A victim of domestic/intimate partner violence is at the greatest point of danger when she tries to leave. Yet, still today, victims and survivors,30

  A victim thinks, “Here I am, caught in the snare of domestic violence, wondering how I can possibly put an end to all this horror. Do I dare confront my abuser?” There are three definitive answers, and they are “Yes,” “No,” and “Not right now.” But put yourself in the place of the victim.30