TOO OFTEN WE WANDER ABOUT, SEEKING PURPOSE IN LIFE. Once we feel we have discovered a fragment of that purpose, we attempt to fulfill it, put it to use, make our lives mean something. Scripture tells us, “They will know you by the fruit you bear.” My mental eye immediately perceives an orange tree covered30

On a consistent basis I get the same question: “Is God punishing me with domestic violence?”  Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can. No! I stand on this statement unequivocally, and am firmly convinced it is scriptural. God punishes sinners. Domestic violence is a sin. You are the victim, not the sinner.30

Did you know the very first occurrence of domestic violence was documented? Did you know it happened thousands of years ago, and it was not in a marriage? In Genesis, when Cain murdered Abel, we have our first account of domestic violence. See the definitions of domestic violence. It soon becomes clear that domestic violence30

Those of us who were raised in denominational religion or churches, as we look around at the condition of society’s morals, probably repeat on a continual basis, “This has to be the last days.” We see all the reports about 2012 being the predicted year for Armageddon. I’m not so sure I’m biting that hook,30

  Like so many others in today’s world, I’m on a spiritual journey more intense than any other I have been on before. It’s said so often by so many, “I am spiritual (or a Christian, or a Believer – fill in the blank for yourself), but I am not religious.” Has religion gotten a30

A dear friend of mine recently wrote this article, as the result of being seduced and manipulated by her pastor. I will not use her name, hoping to save her any undeserving condemnation or criticism. She has given me permission to share it with all of you. I’m curious to see how many comments and30

If sin is sin, and divorce is sin, then it only makes sense there is forgiveness extended there, as well. Only problem is, I still have a problem with those trying to tell the victims of spousal assault who were brave enough to leave and obtain a divorce that THEY were the sinner.

45% of the women who make it to their shelter have first sought counseling with a pastor. She further went on to say that many of those victims were given the same message I was given in the 80s─”You made your bed, now lie in it. You are not allowed to leave.” These women were being told it was God’s will for them to remain in an abusive relationship, and some of them eventually died as a result of staying.