On a consistent basis I get the same question: “Is God punishing me with domestic violence?”  Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can. No! I stand on this statement unequivocally, and am firmly convinced it is scriptural. God punishes sinners. Domestic violence is a sin. You are the victim, not the sinner.30

Someone recently related to me a conversation they had with the pastor of a church. He extended an invitation to visit and hear his next sermon, which would involve bringing in livestock for a visual effect, just before he “really hit them hard” with his message, sounding as if he were planning more for an30

So, answer me this: Who do you consider to have had the greatest impact on our world? Anyone, living or dead, whether family, friend or foe? Thomas Edison? Albert Einstein? Saddam Hussein? Your Aunt Gertrude? What impact will people say you made during your lifetime?     Who has had the greatest impact in the30

  Like so many others in today’s world, I’m on a spiritual journey more intense than any other I have been on before. It’s said so often by so many, “I am spiritual (or a Christian, or a Believer – fill in the blank for yourself), but I am not religious.” Has religion gotten a30

The pastor of a church I visited just this past Sunday put it so well as she (yes, imagine that, a woman pastor!) so lovingly stated: “Al Qaida is to the Muslim faith what the KKK is to Christianity…” Selah (Take pause and reflect), Mr. Jones.

One must wonder if all this media hype is an attempt on your part to garner attention. I recall another “pastor” who sold his flock a bill of goods in the name of Jesus. Ironically, his last name was also Jones.