Autographed Version. BeLEAVEing: Safely Leaving Abusive Relationships


Are you or a loved one a victim of domestic violence? Does your partner verbally or physically abuse you? Don't become a statistic: EVERY 9 SECONDS a woman is battered by a spouse or intimate partner. Many do not realize they are actual victims of domestic violence. Others want to know how to leave safely. This small 4″ X 6″ guidebook fits neatly into a purse, gym bag, backpack or even a pocket. It  will help show the way to leaving abusive relationships, provide better understanding to assist family members, friends or coworkers who are living in an abusive or violent relationship, and offers simple checklists to develop a plan for victims and any children they may have to find the safe path to security and peace.


Product Description

Special Autographed Version. Limited edition signed by the author.

BeLEAVEing tells you about:

  • Emotional abuse─the starting point of all domestic violence
  • The red flags of domestic violence
  • Why she doesn’t “just leave”
  • How family or friends can help victims of domestic violence
  • Preparing a safety plan and escape bag prior to leaving
  • Obtaining a Restraining Order
  • Safe dating to avoid abusive relationships

Carolyn S. Hennecy is an international speaker, consultant and trainer, whose televised story was nominated for an Emmy. She is a survivor of child sexual abuse and domestic violence. Find her books and social networks links at


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