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Let’s face it, we all have at least one person in our life who was a strong source of encouragement, perhaps mentored us, expended great amounts of time and wisdom with us, or just brought us up from a deep, dark place. It is because of their consideration we were able to accomplish something that made our life more fulfilling. This is your opportunity to say “thank you” to a special someone who helped you reach a life goal, realize something special about yourself or brought you consolation and peace in a time of great trial. See if you catch them by surprise. So often we just do something nice because it is simply the right thing to do, only to hear later from someone that our act of random kindness impacted their life.


Here we go. Just complete the statement: I am thankful to _____________ because _____________. You’ll be utterly amazed at how good it makes you feel to allow a special person to know your gratitude. It’s like sending them flowers while they are still around to enjoy the fragrance. No regrets! Seize this moment, share a sentence, a paragraph, but don’t put your head down to sleep tonight until you say “thank you” to someone who surely deserves it. Be sure to “share” by clicking below if you are on FaceBook or another network, and let’s see if we can get a worldwide revolution of appreciation going!!





Acknowledgement counts!




  1. I’ll start. There are two women in my life who have had a lot of impact, and they may be surprised to find out it is them I want to send a virtual dozen roses. First, there’s Donna, my D. I admired her the moment we met, but over the past years she has helped me develop the chutzpah to make a difference in the battle against domestic violence. She’s officially my greatest cheering section, and there’s no way I can ever say “thank you” enough for all the encouragement from the Low Country! (Go Terps!!). . . And then there is my Lissette, mi hermana en Cristo. I’m probably old enough to be her mother, but she has been such a mentor for me, taking me under her wing, and guiding me in a path to believe I CAN make the difference God created me to make. I was honored and blessed to actually spend Thanksgiving with her family last November, and I truly do give thanks for her smile, her bright eyes and her heart. What a trio we are – my Jewish and Hispanic friends, sisters in heart to this short blonde Southern gal. So, to you, my sweet ladies, I say from the bottom of my heart, “THANK YOU!” For all you do and all you are, “thank you.”

    • God bless you my dear friend…Once again>>>You , my dear lady are my miracle…Thank you for opening my eyes to so much love and good will…You are and will ALWAYS be my hero>>>Love as always>>>D

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