The meditation of my heart . . .

There is a new take on one of the oldest forms of improving your emotional wellbeing—meditation. For many of us the term “meditation” instantly transports us to news film footage of hippies smoking dope, dancing around like a whirling dervish with flowers in their hair, and standing with one leg pulled up to their knee, as if doing a Karate Kid Mr. Miyagi impression. In the 1960s there were the declarations, “Make love, not war,” and “If it feels good, do it.” Well, not so much any more when it comes to meditation. It doesn’t even have to include chanting, bells, incense, peppermint, or strawberry alarm clocks (Sorry, a boomer inside joke!).

ABC recently had an excellent report as to the findings of the value of meditation. Many of us would consider it “getting still before the Lord,” or intense quiet inner prayer. Call it what you will. Meditation works. It contributes to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. I hope you will watch the video of Diane Sawyer’s banter and observations of the worth of meditation.

If we are more occupied with finding a place of center and balance, we should be able to get our spiritual selves into alignment. Scripture tells us, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight…”

Maybe, with more meditation and less talking, we could make this a more peaceful planet by putting into action the words of the Christ, when He simply said, “Peace! Be still!” Or, as my Mama used to say, “Will you please just stand still, shut your mouth and listen to me?”

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