So, answer me this: Who do you consider to have had the greatest impact on our world? Anyone, living or dead, whether family, friend or foe? Thomas Edison? Albert Einstein? Saddam Hussein? Your Aunt Gertrude? What impact will people say you made during your lifetime?



Jesus the Christ

Who has had the greatest impact in the world? You know, impact is not always positive, or necessarily a good thing. It is easy for many to say Jesus, during his walk here, was the person who most impacted the planet, and he definitely made an immeasurable difference for the good. But, have you stopped to think of those who extended an impact for all the wrong reasons โ€“ those who affected the history of the world with their evil?



Just as George Washington drew a nation together to form a democracy where “all men are created equal,” Adolf Hitler was instrumental in provoking another nation to participate in what is perhaps the greatest travesty to ever occur โ€“ genocide of millions of innocents.



Who gets your vote? You can cast it here in your comment!



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