With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I find my mind traveling back to the many memories reaped from being the daughter of a wonderful cook, faithful wife, devoted Christian and one of the best Grandmas ever. When my Mama died 10 years ago, 3 days after Mother’s Day, I always regretted the fact I never got her to teach me how to make her coconut cream pie, or her divinity she always made at Christmas. Only recently I caught myself walking to the phone to call and ask her about a recipe – after 10 years!

So, what do you consider one of the most valuable lessons of life you learned from your mother? And if your mother is no longer here, what do you miss most?

My most valuable lesson was learned as she was lying in a hospital bed, in a deep coma – no regrets. I have no regrets. I told her all I wanted her to know, sang her songs I had not sung in decades, stroked her face and hair, trying to put that into my indelible memory bank.

What do I miss most? Just simply talking to her on the phone nearly every day. I always knew I could pick up the phone and call Mama and pretty well be sure of getting the answer to any question I had. Ironically, I find my own daughter now calling me on a regular basis, asking me “Mama questions,” as well. How about you?

Carolyn S. Hennecy

  1. I’m not a jealous person but reading about another women’s relationship with her Mother has often created a moment of sadness in my heart. My mother is still living but we have a strained and distant relationship. Not argumentative, just surface. I so often struggle to purchase the perfect mother’s day card as the words would be empty. Yet, I am learning to live with what is and continue to believe for what could be. I am reminded that one day all knees shall bow to Jesus and when her’s does perhaps then she will recognize the gift she was given all those years ago. Until then, I am reminded that Mother’s come in all different packages – a supportive Mother in law, a trusted senior at church, and a kind neighbor.

  2. I am 58 now, but vividly remember the last Saturday I saw my mama alive in February 1962. We were at my granny’s house and my mamma was pregnant and past due with twins. I was watching cartoons and she called me into the back room and told me that she needed to go to the hospital and that my dad and I were to go back to our house and get her suitcase and bring it back. Being 10 years old, I was excited about soon seeing new babies, my first siblings. We went back to our house and while there mama called and talked to me on the phone telling me to get something for her out of the dresser. When we got ready to leave, to my great disappointment, my dad told me I had to stay with our neighbor. That really upset me as I wanted to see my mama. Unfortunately, things went really bad. She hemmoraged, the baby boys died and they couldn’t save my mama either. I never got to kiss her goodbye that day…a couple weeks later I had my 11 year old birthday without my mama. I remember all the things she did for me and I kept wondering how can I do this without my mama, simple things like putting my hair in a ponytail for school. The good memories are many but she would sing all the time and that is perhaps why I know so many old songs and their words. She was beautiful and had a beautiful smile. I’m so sorry that she missed out on so many things in my life, especially her 3 wonderful grandsons and great grandchildren. I thank God for the short time I did have my mama.

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