Drew Peterson has been found guilty. The trial is over. A jury decided that Drew Peterson is guilty of murdering one of his wives. Is this domestic violence? It is, in its highest and lowest forms.

Drew Peterson in a prior uniform

Drew Peterson wore a uniform as a police officer for years. It was his sworn duty to uphold the law, all the law, all the time. Yet, according to what a jury has decided, Drew Peterson broke the law within the walls of his own home. Kathleen Savio called out from the grave, asking for justice. They had to exhume her body to find the evidence to charge Drew Peterson with her murder. A jury of his peers has decided that Drew Peterson brutally murdered his wife, Kathleen. Sadly, some will hold this against other law enforcement officers, bundling them in a box with Drew Peterson, some even saying, “They’re all alike.” No, they are not. There are good cops and bad cops, just like there are good mechanics and bad mechanics, or accountants, politicians or coaches. Let’s not allow Drew Peterson to bring reproach on the overall base of law enforcement. He’s in another uniform now, one where the reproach is a much better fit.

But what about Stacy? Stacy Peterson is still considered “missing.” The chances of her having merely spirited off in the middle of the night, disappearing without a trace and no explanation, leaving her loving husband and children behind would be an extreme stretch of the imagination. I wonder if her family receives any consolation in the guilty verdict that was handed down to Drew Peterson for the murder of Kathleen.

Drew Peterson – his newest uniform

Domestic violence is not pretty. It does not discriminate. And all information will solidify the notion that every single instance of domestic violence begins with verbal and emotional abuse. So, if you currently find yourself being verbally or emotionally abused, please read some more posts. Especially the ones about leaving safely and developing a safety code word or phrase. Please make plans to leave safely, if you decide it is time to leave. But, if you choose to stay, then stay safe. Don’t become another Kathleen or Stacy. There are many, many “Drew Petersons” out there. They just go by other names.

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