I just feel the need to touch base and send a “shout out” to all those who visit here, whether regularly or once or twice. I’m recuperating from a week in the Critical Care Unit, final diagnosis is TIA. On the mend and should be back to normal (whatever THAT is for ME!!) very shortly. Thanks to all those who sent messages via email, Facebook, phone, card… Recovery has been easier for knowing there truly are those out there who care – and most I’ve never met. And special kudos to the nurses on B4. (Wait’ll you read the upcoming blog post – it’s a doozie!)

Please visit often. So much to share, so many bits of knowledge and information to offer. Like I always say, One of us cannot save them all, but ALL of us can save them – one at a time. Let’s join together to put a stop to sexual assault and domestic/intimate partner violence.

Beware! The short blonde has NOT gone away, and she’ll be baaaaaaaack – soon and very soon.

Feel free to leave a comment. It will make the recovery so much nicer to hear of ANYTHING I’ve done here that has had a positive impact for anyone, anywhere at any time.

Hugs to you all


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