TODAY I HAVE A BIRTHDAY: What Does That Have to Do With Domestic Violence?

Another birthday for me - no more for so many victims...

I never thought I’d make it to 60, but according to my birth certificate, shortly after midnight last night, I made it. I slept through it, but I woke up to love, flowers, gifts, tons of well wishes and a day full of joy and blessings.

Then I began thinking. Today I am celebrating my birthday. I am doing something that Heather Rimmer, Theresa Roble, Bea Reid Dickey, Nicole Brown Simpson, Sheryl Laird, the lady named Mary who was murdered shortly before I acquired an Injunction for Protective Order in 1985, who opened doors for victims she left behind, and all the thousands of others will never do again─spending a day celebrating another birthday.

So, this will be short. As part of my birthday, I want to celebrate the lives of these ladies who were taken from us far too soon at the hands of domestic violence. I’d like to think that with each little bit I do, it makes their death less in vain.

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