ABC Action News “Taking Action Against Domestic Violence” 2011

You can now watch the entire 1-hour prime time special, “Taking Action Against Domestic Violence” online. To view, CLICK HERE 

I hope you will watch and post a comment here. If any part of my segment or the show touched you, or shed a new light upon your situation, please share. You can do it confidentially. Just use a pseudonym.

  1. Caroline Carr says:

    Carolyn’s appearance on the program was very inspirational to all who watched it. She continues to have a positive attitude about life and tries in everyway to help others who have experienced silimar situations. It’s amazing what an epidemic domestic violence has become throughout the state and the country. There must be a way to reduce it so others don’t have to go through such horrific circumstances.

  2. The show was very well presented, the interviews touched my heart and all the information given as to where to get help was emphasized throughout the show. I graduated with Carolyn and was unaware of the abuse she had endured, so this show had a special meaning to me. The statistics shocked me….1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 9 men….will suffer domestic abuse at some time in their lives. I had no idea. The women interviewed are amazing in that they are bouncing back from what they suffered. I applaud them in going public so others will listen, and learn, and get the help they need. I know this has been a difficult road for them. They are an inspiration to women everywhere, whether abused or not. I hope and pray they continue to heal and that women out there who are being abused will listen and get the help they so need and deserve. No one should ever have to suffer abuse of any kind. Thank you for airing this special to make us all more aware of the existing problem of domestic abuse.

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