Reaching out to grab a victim

It has amazed me, some of the search engine terms people are using that pop up on my blog site stats, and it has also, at times, sickened me. I realize there is a possibility other bloggers may be seeking valid and acceptable information to utilize on their own blog posts, but some of the terms are sickening, at the very least. I mean, who really needs a “hands tied to side and rape,” “pictures of dead rape victims,” “molesting my little daughter,” or the like?

Folks, there are a lot of sickos out there. I won’t go into any further detail about the search terms. Suffice it to say the above terms are some of the more palatable ones that have appeared.

I will strongly make this suggestion. Let’s all be alert and aware. Know your surroundings. If something feels “just not right,” go with your gut instinct. See a car parked down the street several days in a row, someone just sitting there casing the area? Don’t be the person who says, “Well, it’s none of my business.” Call law enforcement and just ask for a drive-by. What could it hurt?

Know where your children are at all times, and even better, make it a point to know about where they are. Is your little girl or teen going for a sleepover? Have you met the parents? Have you had a necessary talk with your child about inappropriate behavior, and developed a code word or term with them? Be sure they know that if they ever feel the need to use that code, you will be right there to see they are in a safe place. Reassure them you believe them if they tell you anything that might even insinuate improper touching has taken place. Remember, molesters’ and pedophiles’ first move is to convince the victim that nobody will believe them if they tell. They must know that is not the case.

Young girls in college, hear me! Always travel in numbers. Never walk the campus alone. . . never! Be aware of your surroundings. I’d even go so far as to suggest that you practice learning how to recall descriptions of people, cars, events and occurrences. Was he wearing a hat? What color was it? Did he have facial hair? How tall would you say he was? Any tattoos? What street were you on? Was it a Ford orToyotatruck? It can become a skill, and will be greatly appreciated by any and all law enforcement investigators, whether it is for attempted rape, or just a simple fender bender. Become a useful witness.

See someone outside running through yards, dressed all in black? Uh, hello. Again, make a call! Dial 911. You may just help prevent a young woman from becoming a victim of a breaking & entering, and a rape, or worse!

So, to those of you out there looking for “stuff” on my blog, you aren’t going to find it, and especially know this: I’m watching! Eyes wide open!

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