Cartoon pastor

I suppose it could be considered humorous that the top search engine term on my blog site is “pastor cartoon.” I still have not figured that one out for the life of me. But then it gets serious. Scores of terms people are using, whether through Google, Bing or any other search engine, include such terms as “the bible and domestic violence,” “bible scriptures for domestic violence,” “domestic violence scriptures,” “god keeps punishing me,” “does god want me to stay in an abusive marriage,” or “does god want me to stay with an abusive partner.”

Another set of terms runs along the lines of “books on maintaining hope after a lifetime of being a victim of abuse,” “domestic violence words of encouragement,” “moving forward after abuse,” “overcoming domestic violence,” “men ending domestic violence,” “breaking the cycle of domestic violence,” “how family members can help a victim of domestic violence,” or “empowerment of domestic violence victim,” leading me to think there are those looking for sources of positive impact upon their situation.

It seems many are quietly inquiring of how the church looks upon or works against domestic violence, with such terms as “not in my church book domestic violence,” “how should churches address domestic violence and sexual assault,” “what religion supports violence and why?” “domestic violence and demon possession,” and “what are some questions a clergy asks a victim of domestic violence…”

Well, here’s the deal, folks. As I poured over the list of terms, certain needs for sources and information, as well as encouragement, were easily and clearly defined. You have let me know what you are looking for, so I will now set forth to try and provide you with some of those answers.

One topic that will be forthcoming is how alcohol and drug abuse relate to domestic/intimate partner violence. I will be contacting clergy to get some answers from houses of worship. I have been richly blessed to become acquainted with some of the ultimate experts in the fields of domestic/intimate partner violence, sexual assault, etc., and will inquire of them for definitive responses, as well.

What are victims of abuse looking for? I will try to get your answers, and address them here. I will be certain to regularly check the search terms and then attempt to present the best answers I can access. After all, this blog is for and about YOU!

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