Casey and Caylee - little girl dead

I’ve been working on my second book. Sometimes things come to me in the writing process that simply cannot wait to be put between two covers. Today is one of those times. As I recollect the emotional strain an entire nation experienced while enduring the Casey Anthony trial, followed shortly by the Jaycee Dugard interview, it came to me—what sort of effect were all these reports having on victims and survivors of sexual abuse and/or domestic violence?

The murder trial was in and of itself enough to send many over the edge. Okay, but from the viewpoint of a spectator, not as a victim or survivor, it did send many over the edge. Two things briefly came close to consuming my every thought. The first was the violence poor little Caylee may have endured prior to her death. Then there were the allegations made by Casey that she had been molested by her father when she was young. You see, whatever my opinion as to her guilt, or “un-guilt” (grammatically disastrous, but I won’t use “innocent” here—sorry!), the accusations have been made and someone should consider at least looking into the possibilities behind them. I realize massive numbers would mention Casey has been a habitual liar at her own admission. But, being a survivor of sexual molestation, it concerns me that if this is one time the truth is being spoken, we owe other potential victims to at least explore the likelihood (or not) of the accusations against George (and Lee) being true, whatever the extent. I can’t get past the statistic I was provided a few years ago: Approximately 95% of all pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated, and will continue, usually for as long as they are physically able, even into their 80s, to sexually abuse children. I’d just like to be sure that there is no potential danger of molestation—for the sake of the children.

Immediately after the “not guilty” verdict was rendered in the Casey Anthony trial, ABC aired Diane Sawyer‘s interview with Jaycee Dugard. I have no doubt that show triggered recalls for more molestation and sexual abuse victims across the country than we would ever imagine. There was no way I could hear the things this remarkable young woman was relaying about her years in captivity, and not feel my gut being battered over and over again. My mind went back to some of the times I was abused. I knew there were probably millions of victims who were viewing it and also being taken back to past pain. Or, God forbid, ones presently in the grip of a sexual pervert as current victims.

So, what has the affect been by all this media coverage and attention? I’m sure it exposed old wounds for countless individuals. Perhaps it sparked something in them to reach out and seek counseling or other support to help them find healing. We can also hope and pray it brought added awareness to the forefront, and that a few more advocates were born as a result of seeing and hearing what is most assuredly unacceptable in a nation such as ours!

Jaycee Dugard - little girl lost

Carolyn is an advocate for sexual/domestic violence and assault awareness, also focusing on child sexual abuse. She is a Life Direction & Empowerment Coach, working with victims and survivors of molestation, sexual assault, domestic violence or spousal abuse, and bringing training to organizations seeking to help victims. Listen to Carolyn’s interview with Cynthia Brennen, on “Help, Hope & Healing.” Visit her website at

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