DV Victims fear more than ghosts and goblins…

Personally, I find it a bit ironic that the last day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month is also the day of ghosts, goblins and tricks. Many survivors of domestic violence are still haunted by the ghosts of their past, while most victims are still being tricked into staying in an abusive or violent relationship. Ironically, it is also the day before my birthday. Yes, I was born between Halloween and Day of the Dead – on All Saint’s Day. God’s got a sense of humor, huh?

 So, for your bag of treats, I’m simply going to place a review of the DV Awareness posts and videos placed on this blog during the month of October, hitting the highlights. Hope you will find something that will help you in your situation, or encourage you to help others you may know who are in the throes of their own circumstances of abuse.

 So – – – CLICK AWAY!!

 Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It Could Be Domestic Violence If . . .

What Brings on Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence and the Workplace

Victims of Domestic Violence─It’s Your Life, It’s Your Choice

ABC Action News primetime special, Taking Action Against Domestic Violence: CLICK HERE

NBC Channel 8 Domestic Violence Awareness Month interview with Gayle Guyardo: CLICK HERE

Verizon’s “Monster in the Closet” video: CLICK HERE

Diane Sawyer, ABC News interview with Susan Still with live footage of her attack: CLICK HERE

Interview with Roger Todd of WPCV regarding the DV murder of Bea Dickey (Broadcast #1): CLICK HERE

Interview with Andrea Oliver of Hall Communications (Broadcast #2): CLICK HERE

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