Susan Still Photo by Meg Learson Grosso

WARNING – THIS VIDEO IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR YOUNG VIEWERS AND MAY BE UPSETTING TO ADULTS. I’m not going to take up a lot of space here for this one. I hope that instead of spending 5 minutes reading a post, you will spend it watching this video. Diane Sawyer interviews a victim, Susan Still, whose abuse and beating are video-taped by her young son, via orders given him by her husband, his father. It was far too easy for me to relate to this. Lying in the floor and being kicked is something I, too, experienced. To all those victims out there who just can’t seem to break free, take a look at this lady AFTER she found her way out of the dark tunnel of domestic violence.


Carolyn is an advocate for sexual/domestic violence and assault awareness, also focusing on child sexual abuse. She is a Victim Support & Empowerment Coach, working with victims and survivors of molestation, sexual assault, domestic violence or spousal abuse, bringing information and awareness to organizations seeking to properly help and support victims. Hear various interviews at the Broadcasts page of her website:

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