I was recently approached by an 11-year-old young lady regarding my work in the area of domestic violence. She had a problem and was seeking some help or guidance in how to manage it. We talked. I shared some wisdom and information, and she set forth to resolve it─at 11 years old! She then asked if she could write about it for my blog, and I agreed. When I first read the article, the editor in me wanted to “clean it up,” but I have chosen to share the post as I received it. What I find most amazing is the passion and desire to make a difference that exists in a child of such a young age. Her true identity will be kept confidential.


True story

 It was the beginning of the school year when me and one of my close friends were at art. I looked over at her arms and saw that there were scars all up and down her arms. I asked her what they were from, she had told me that her parents had been fighting. She also told me that she would come home to an empty house. Then bad news hit me, she said that the scars were from cutting. So she thought that if she were to cut everything would be ok.

 If you have a child that walks home and comes home to an empty house like my friend did then you should do something about it. None of us would want a child to see their parents fight because they will take it like if they hurt themselves it will be ok so parents/guardians get more involved in the kids lives so this won’t happen to your kids. I don’t want what happened to my friend happen to your kids. I’m in the 5th grade and I did some thing about it, so if I can then you can to.

Nothing fancy about this post. No pictures, no spell check or grammar check─Just an article from an 11-year-old trying to reach out and wake up some adults. The child who is/was cutting is only 10 years old. The writer of the article went to the school guidance counselor, confided in her, and they both attempted to help the younger child. This was her coping mechanism for the parents’ absence from home, times she was left all alone, as well as the times of them arguing when they were there with her. What sort of life is that for a 10-year-old? Is this real enough to get your attention? Verbal abuse, even when it goes both ways, only serves to harm our children. Let’s take that into consideration next time a situation arises for shouting and screaming. Choose differently.

  1. I commend the 11 year old for being a brave, compassionate, & tough young lady. I will pray that the friend will be able to find peace. How sad she has to go home to either dark emptiness or fear & hurt. keep up your advocacy.

  2. I am an adult and it was recently brought to my attention that a young man (19) was a son of parents that fight constantly about him and other things. He hides in his room, plays video games, and listens to music to deal with this. He is a very strong young man as he still remains positive through it all. Children, I feel, go through a lot during a domestic violence situation but don’t get noticed. They hurt just as much as the “victim”. I pray nightly for the children that have parents in a domestic violence situation for their peace and safety.

  3. What a wonderful brave young lady! She will do fantastic things in the future as well. Please let her know how much the rest of the world appreciates such outstanding behavior.

  4. Nikki Daniels says:

    as they say, out of the mouths of babes. I think we should elect and 11 year old to be President! Kids get it, it’s all about what is right and fair, and not about all of the reasons people come up with not to help. Watch out, this 11 year old is going to rock the world!

  5. That 11 year old is right, if she has the guts to say something so should every adult on the planet. Many times in my childhood I wished an adult would speak up and rescue me. I vow to share all of my secrets from this day forward in hopes it might give the courage to another to speak up as well. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Yes, Angels, all the more reason we must encourage our young ones to speak up, but teach them to do it and remain safe in the process. Thanks for coming by, hope you will visit often. Feel free to post more comments.

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