Sweet Caylee - RIP

It is purported that Caylee Anthony became missing on June 16, 2008. Some reports vary by as much as a week, but for the most part, reports go with the June 16 date. Here we are—the defense begins doing its job on the third anniversary of the date a precious little 2-year-old girl either came up missing or died. It is their job to prove Caylee was not murdered by her mother. I suppose the most haunting statement made at the end of the prosecution’s presentation was, “The State of Florida rests, Your Honor.” I realize this is merely a standard manner of saying, “We are finished trying to prove our side,” or something to that effect, but “the State of Florida rests?” Really? I mean, really? Okay, first of all, you still have your work cut out for you. I think the public has grossly misjudged the defense thus far. I figure they have several cards up their sleeves we have yet to see. These are not rookies representing Casey Anthony, and it is now your work to counter each of their moves.

But even more than that, how can the State of Florida possibly rest? I do not refer to that part of the State of Florida that prosecutes crimes, but rather, those of us who have lived here all our lives and see a Florida that every day resembles less and less the State in which we were raised. Trust me—few if any of us are resting. A devastating death took place, and a precious toddler’s life was snuffed out. Everything about her death indicates foul play.

Precious Adam – You will never be forgotten

Did the people of State of Florida rest when Adam Walsh was brutally murdered? No, and our State has not ever fully recovered from that heinous crime. My son and Adam were the same age. When law enforcement discovered little Adam had been decapitated, I found myself coping daily with fear of what could happen to my little boy. As a mother I lived in mortal terror for years, even after my daughter was born, frightened that something just as terrible could happen to either of my babies. That was not the Florida I knew as a child, and we have been reeling ever since. Now it carries over to my granddaughters, as we do all within our power to guard them from harm.

So, three years since the day precious Caylee Anthony began missing, the defense begins to do its work. Be quite assured of this one fact—it will be years before the State of Florida rests.

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  1. Cindy Womble says:

    Carolyn…There is something really wrong with one human being that committs crimes like this upon another human being….and yet…something really, really, really wrong with a mother committing a crime like this on their child, or allowing for it to happen at the hand of someone else. Absolutely NO EXCUSE….this is sad. And , no, our Florida is not the same place we grew up. The whole world is not the same. I think alot is simple that creates the hostile actions…people .. plain and simple…just dont love each other anymore…and I pray daily that this will change…worldwide..

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