Okay, like it or not, accept or reject it, the verdict is in, and Casey has been adjudged by a jury of her peers to be “not guilty” of anything but lying to law enforcement. We all have our questions and points of fact that anger us beyond words. I know, I know, I have my own set of frustrations with this case.

Well, it’s over. The trial is over. So, does that mean we can now get on with life as normal—BC (Before Casey)? This case has absolutely consumed the masses not only here in America, but around the entire world. Are any of us paying this much attention to another American who has been on trial for murder—Amanda Knox? You see, she was tried in an Italian court, and that’s where the defendant is obligated to prove their innocence. There’s no “innocent until/unless proven guilty” over there. All reports are pointing to the possibility the entire investigation was botched from the get-go. But I do not see Americans up in arms about this. One of our own is quite possibly a victim of a great injustice, but I have not heard an uproar about that. Okay, she did not kill a small child. She was found “not innocent” of killing another young woman her own age. So, does that murder not cost as many points? Is it a lower level of killing? And what if she is innocent, uh, not guilty? I have yet to see the media giving this case nearly the coverage they have the Anthony trial. Perhaps Nancy Grace can pick up on this case now?

Little Caylee Anthony is dead—period. She was most likely murdered—period. There is a remote possibility the murderer has not even been located or investigated, and there is a possibility a guilty young woman was erroneously found to be not guilty. So, why don’t we, as society, gather and focus our collective attention on taking the lessons from this travesty and making the necessary changes so that it never happens again, or at least does not have such an occasion to easily occur. We have an opportunity to work collectively to see “Caylee’s Law” introduced as a bill and passed into law. Rather than rail and threaten and speak some of the most vile remarks I have ever read, let’s turn this thing around and truly honor Caylee’s memory. Let’s get her law passed so she will not have died in vain.


Carolyn is an advocate for sexual/domestic violence and assault awareness, also focusing on child sexual abuse. She is a Life Direction & Empowerment Coach, working with victims and survivors of molestation, sexual assault, domestic violence or spousal abuse, and bringing training to organizations seeking to help victims. Listen to Carolyn’s interview with Cynthia Brennen, on “Help, Hope & Healing.” Visit her website at orangeblossomwishes.com.

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