NOTE: This is strictly the opinion of the writer and in no way asserts innocence or guilt on the part of the subject.

Casey Anthony and her Dad

Now that I have the disclaimer out of the way, I’d like to clearly state my opinion on the manner in which Casey Anthony’s team of lawyers has decided to play their cards. This defense is an affront to those of us who not purportedly or allegedly but factually went through sexual molestation or incest. It is an insult to us all. I quit believing in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy a long time ago. They always sounded good, until I reached a point I knew a fairy tale when I heard it. I think Mother Goose just may be on the Casey Anthony defense team. I realize they must do everything they can to bring doubt into the jury members’ minds to give her a fair chance at being adjudicated innocent.

It is all over the news that Caley Anthony, her toddler daughter, quite possibly drowned in the family pool and it is further purported that Casey lied and hid the truth because she was allegedly molested by her father as a child. How much credence does that hold, and how much should it hold? She was so used to lying and keeping the truth hidden that it just came naturally to cover up her child’s death?

Okay, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Let’s accept this was all driven by fear. What mother in her right mind is going to allow her child to be missing for days and perhaps weeks without calling upon every source available to help her find her baby? I remember when my children were quite small. If I called their name and did not get an answer, no matter what I was doing, I dropped everything to go and find them, making sure they were safe. After all, that’s what a mama does. Now, let’s take it a step further. I, too, was molested as a little girl. It was by an extended family member. Does that change things? What about all the millions of other mothers who were molested or sexually assaulted as children, and yet are fully functional, loving, caring mothers doing their proper job of parenting today?

THAT is my opinion. Casey is truly to be considered innocent unless proven guilty. I just find this entire mentality remarkably far-fetched. And I also assert that the true victims of sexual abuse are owed an apology. Hear Connie Rose’s brief interview on 970WFLA with Jack Harris and Tedd Webb for more information.

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  1. Deborah Cliver says:

    Everything surrounding this case is painful in the extreme. I’ve never seen anything like it. The Anthony family is destroying one another in ways that will never heal, adding wound upon wound to the pain of Caley’s death. I wonder what long-term repercussions the molestation playing card will have on other criminal cases. I wonder what barriers are being brought down in the minds of molestation survivors that are barely hanging onto sanity. Yes, this is a devastating situation, with possibly explosive backlash to survivors of molestation everywhere.

    Yet even if the allegations of molestation are true, that still does not explain nor justify the actions of Casey Anthony. I was molested. I have friends that were molested. Some of my friends have horrible stories of tragic abuse that far exceed my story. None of them would let her/his child go missing for even an hour – never mind weeks – without screaming for help.

    I agree with you, Carolyn. This is a sad day for survivors of molestation. It’s also a classic example of why attorneys have such a bad reputation.

    • Cindy Womble says:

      Carolyn….very nice blog. I feel that , is the truth..that she was molrsted as a child..she would have learned from that I mean that she should have never wanted any type of harm to come to her whatever the cost. Even if it meant putting her party-girl self to the side. Even though my children are 4 legged..I know where they are at all times..and if for one minute I call you did..and they dont come..I find them immediately…that is just what we do when we love someone or something. I cant understand the grandmother not forcing the issue regarding the babies whereabouts…and it went on for 31 days…Can you imagine my Momma Patsy..asking me where my child was..and it going on for that length of time….NOT..after one day I know I had better produce the child..So there are alot of questionable very painful things going on here. I will never accept what supposedly happened to her as a child….as a defense to what happened here..God bless them all.

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