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This murder trial of Casey Anthony has become quite a convoluted mess, at the very least. I tend to be known for turning the prism around and trying to see every facet I can, so here I go. Some would say I’m playing “devil’s advocate,” while I do not intend to be a devil nor represent Satan’s interest. But, let’s think about these things:

WHAT IF Casey Anthony was actually molested by her father when she was young, as she alleges is true? Of course, he denies it, which means he is either being truthful, or he, too, is lying. Going back to that aforementioned “advocate” part, I’ve been through a lot of training and talked with many experts in my work as an advocate for child abuse/sex abuse awareness. Statistics support that once a pedophile, always a pedophile. The chances of a perpetrator of pedophilia stopping their perversion, or being rehabilitated, are practically non-existent. Check with the Department of Justice for reports on that topic, if you like. So, then we are led to ask,

WHAT IF Mr. Anthony did molest his little girl? What if he actually committed the acts he is alleged to have perpetrated? What if he continued to commit them on another generation of his family? If so,

WHAT IF Caylee threatened or attempted to tell something had happened to her? Would that explain the tape on her mouth? An attempt to shut her up? Or,

WHAT IF Caylee had some other deep-seated secret and someone, whomever, intended to keep her quiet? (I can’t get past this whole “tape over the mouth” thing, people).

WHAT IF Casey’s brother, Lee, were guilty of what he is alleged to have perpetrated upon Casey when she was younger?


 WHO is the biological father of Caylee Anthony? This question has been raised over and over again, and if you research answers on the internet, you will get a myriad of responses.

Let me make this perfectly clear—I am NOT intending to suggest that Mr. Anthony or Lee is guilty of any crime. But, if Casey is actually telling the truth (which her defense team suggests she is incapable of doing), then there should be other arrests here. I’m just raising the questions that Casey’s defense should consider bringing up, and perhaps they plan to do just that.

But here is the bottom line: What on God’s green earth caused a mother to create fictional characters, purport that a non-existent nanny had taken her daughter, and fail to report her missing after a few hours, much less 31 days? For you see, whether any of the above WHAT IF’S are even considerable, how can one justify failure to put forth every effort to find a missing child? I still contend using such a defense does a huge disservice to those of us who are actual and factual former victims of child molestation or sexual abuse, yet we manage to be honest, upstanding citizens and parents. I can’t conceive of any justification for failing to seek after one’s own child, or any child for that matter who might be missing, so I am eager to hear the rest of the story.

NOTE: This article is in no way intended to assert innocence or guilt on the part of the subjects referenced herein.

  1. offthecuff says:

    You bring up good points from someone who has been a victim. I t is true that sometimes those who are “hurting” inside lash out and act out in various ways. But that’s not a given, and there’s a disconnect between molestation and criminal activity.

    However, those jail videos show a special bond between Casey and her father, and it’s apparent it wasn’t a criminal bond or the aftermath of sexual impropriety.

    Not that the Anthonys themselves have been completely truthful. I think that in the end they will get away with many of the “inconsistent” statements they have made. That in itself is very frustrating. Not that I want them jailed for obstruction or impeached or whatever. A large fine payable to the State of Florida would be nice.

    I mean, WHAT IF they had cooperated with LE and Tim Miller, at least supporting their efforts in the media? What if they condemned their daughter instead of let her play games? No, I don’t think Casey would break down and tell the truth. But, for the public’s sake, if Caylee’s death was acknowledged based upon LE’s early findings, then it would be a lot less torturous to all those who cared. I realize there’d be also less $$ donated.

    But we now see, in hindsight, the torture Casey continued to put her parents ithrough by not telling them where the body was. That was the same torture the Anthonys themselves put the public through by not acknowledging the truth.

    • Good points, Cuff, and makes to stop to ponder that based upon what has been offered in Court, if Caylee drowned, Casey knew she was dead, which now appears to be what we may expect from the defense when they “show their cards.” So, now is she also responsible for covering up that? This entire case is a maze of inconsistencies, and amazingly questionable twists and turns. IF Caylee drowned, WHY did Casey not just say so, and why did she keep it from her parents for so long? Where is the evidence pointing to that having taken place?

  2. BEES KNEES says:

    Why would the skank sit in jail for three years because of an accident? How flipping ridiculous!!! Who the hell attempts to make an accident look like a murder? LOL! Please. What makes them think people are THAT stupid to believe such nonsense? Well, obviously there’s always ONE HEADCASE out of a million that will be willing to swallow what ever bull sh*t you served them but thankfully those nuts are few and far between. LOL! As if . . . Sheeesh!

    • Bees, thanks for your feedback. You raise a good point, as “tongue in cheek” as it sounds – Who WOULD attempt to make an accident look like a murder? While again I stress that Casey is to be considered innocent until proven guilty, and would not call her names, I’m still amazed at how this is playing out. Amazingly, the entire country is riveted by this trial. I don’t think anyone is even missing segments of Oprah these days… at least not for now. Similar to the OJ trial… It’s consuming us.

  3. soundslaveBrandon says:

    Carolyn, I just stumbled across your site today while looking for folks talking about the possibility that Casey Anthony really does have her own psychological issues. First and foremost I think everyone should stop hiding behind this concept that she may have been molested as if she were groped a few times as a child & is merely using a false molestation charge to hide behind today. Casey shows some serious signs of brutal victimization, and her “pathological lying” and even “partying instead of grieving” surely point to dissociative identity disorder- something specifically caused by recurring trauma as a child. Even the excuse that her “loving bond” with her father amongst jail tapes fails to recognize the destructive control of an incestuous patriarch over his victim for the rest of that child’s adulthood.

    She may be flat out guilty, and probably should not be free; however, the failure to recognize the psychological impact of rape and childhood sexual abuse… and even to outright dismiss it as if it couldn’t even be a factor if it was true… is very telling of our society’s ignorance concerning sexual violence and mental health.

    • Some readers may have not noticed, but I have said from the very beginning, since the allegations first began about Casey being molested by her father, that no matter the outcome of the trial, an investigation should take place. I did NOT agree with trying to use it as a defense, and I also made that clear. But, if America wants FULL justice, then why aren’t more decrying the lack of law enforcement to look further? She was not found innocent – she was declared “not guilty,” and there is a world of difference. We concur, Brandon!

  4. Joanne from Houston says:

    My best friend is an incest survivor, and she told me there is no way she would EVER leave her daughter with the father who molested her. If Casey had truly been molested by her father, she would not only have left that house as fast as she could, she would be absolutely sure her daughter was not left with him.

    My friend watched the trial and said the interaction between Casey and her father in the jail was not the interaction between a molester and his victim.

    • Joanne, I wish I could agree with your friend, but each victim of sexual abuse/molestation handles it the best they can, and usually different from others. I saw the look in Casey’s eyes. She was either reliving the death of her daughter, or the molestation she purported. Regardless what your friend thinks, it is not easy to just pick up and leave with your child, whether it is sexual abuse or domestic violence. Quite often victims are told, “If you try to leave, I’ll find you and you will pay.” Perhaps Casey had been told if she took Caylee away, they would find her and take her daughter away from her. And as for your friend’s comment about the interaction between Casey and her father “was not the interaction between a molester and victim,” I lived with my molestation for decades, and even found myself giving in to being hugged at family gatherings by the very person who was my perpetrator. Molestation/sexual abuse is not a rote and verse thing. Each person is different, their spirit is different, so they are each going to cope in their own way – usually out of desperation or fear.

  5. I myself had not formed an opinion of the whole thing.I was molested when I was 10 thru 11 years old…By my step father. For years I did not speak to my mother because once I had told her it was happening…she said I was lying and I had to leave.
    Well, many years later I was in therapy and still dealing mentally with the whole thing….I came to a point when I had to say I forgive this person for what they did to me because obviously he is sicker then I am. Once I did that I felt a burden lifted off me and now knew he would have to deal with the haunting of my words. Guilt was no longer on me.
    With that said…This man is still with my mother and I have rebuilt the relationship with (her). By my presents he treads lightly around me because Im in control and he is not.
    My 3 kids have never been left alone with him…but with my mother they have…she never leaves a child with him EVER….It has now become her nightmare…my childrens lives are in her hands.
    SO…..The grandmother may know more then shes saying….Alot of times a wife knows when something isnt right,,,,but too scared to say anything.
    I now feel that Casey may not know what really happen to her child exactly…YOU CANT KNOWINGLY LIE ABOUT SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.
    I heard a news lady say the other day….She made mistakes….she was scared and it might had been an accident but didnt know how to handle it…I honestly dont think that she would put tape on her mouth,,,But a sex offender would.
    I hope we can all learn that “A belief is a thought you keep thing” someone once said to me. If you thought she was innocent then she will be.

    • Angie, your words are wonderful. They speak volumes. The hardest part of recovery from molestation, sexual assault or domestic violence/abuse is reaching the point of being able to forgive the abuser/perpetrator. But, like you, I found that to be the way to my own healing. I go into detail in my book, and on more than one of the blog posts here, on the importance of forgiveness, but realizing forgiving is NOT forgetting. Bless you. Thanks for joining us here!

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