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Is anybody shocked to now see a mistress surface, claiming she had an affair with George Anthony? Chiropractic business in Florida must be booming, with necks and spines being thrown out of place from all the head shaking going on. We had the duct tape. I see that as an equivalent to the glove in O.J. Simpson‘s trial, as I so vividly remember watching Johnnie Cochran proclaim, “If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit.” The word “circus” came up in the news almost on a daily basis during that trial, and it seems to me the Anthony case should have three rings, as well.

Well, bring in the clowns. We have attorneys misbehaving in the courtroom, being scolded like children by the Judge. Folks, they know better. These are not rookies or newbies, and this ain’t their first rodeo (Excuse me, perhaps this is their first circus!). So, will we be amazed if sometime during the next week or so we hear a call for a mistrial?

Now, back to this self-proclaimed mistress. Okay, first of all, and not surprisingly, George denies molesting Casey and he also denies the allegations being made by Ms. Holloway. Based on an interview with Krystal Holloway, the “affair” did not even begin until after Caylee was reported missing, and they met as she helped to search for the tot. Here’s where that all too familiar question is raised in such sensational trials: WHY NOW? Why is Krystal Holloway boldly and bravely coming forward now? Why didn’t she come forward, oh, I don’t know, say last year!? So, now in addition to the duct tape, the leaves, the swimming pool, the potential drowning and ensuing alleged panic, we throw in a mistress? This trial has become a convoluted mess. If this poor jury is not offered mental health counseling, or at least an all expenses paid trip for two anywhere outside the contiguous United States, they are certainly getting short-changed. Given the photographs they have had to view, the post-mortem descriptions of what happened to little Caylee’s body after she died, not to mention dealing with antics that could rival Laurel and Hardy, they deserve a respite in a tranquil place. I’m sure they feel they have spent enough time in hell.

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  1. Honestly, I am not surprised at all that he would have sought solace in the arms of another woman. Men are very different creatures than women. A man can undergo the most horrendous stress and still want to have relations…in fact, this probably is a stress reliever for men. Women, the last thing they can think about when they are overtaxed is sex. For George (or any man in this predicament) to want to have sexual relations with his wife will seem to his wife to be inappropriate. She will not understand how he can even THINK about it. I think it’s quite common for men to stray in situations like this. I’m not saying it’s okay…it’s not. But it happens. In fact, when couples lose a child of their own, the marriage generally fails. The Anthony’s have lost their daughter and their granddaughter…and under horrifying circumstances. That their marriage could survive this at all would be surprising. I hope they work it out.

    • Sophie, thank you so much for what you shared. It makes clear and good sense. It also seems you have a keen understanding of men. We all handle grief differently. I had not stopped to consider how George may have felt he could be “imposing” on Cindy’s grief process if he reached out to her for intimacy and/or just physical release. Good point!

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