[polldaddy poll=5189854]  This trial is becoming more and more amazing as each day passes. I find it absolutely amazing that the poll included on a post during the prosecution’s presentation had 97% of those voting Casey was guilty. Now that the defense has taken their turn, it is currently down to 77%, give or take. The following are strictly the opinions of the blogger, and do not in any manner intend to incriminate or insinuate guilt on anyone’s part, only to raise some questions.

Casey Anthony – Of course, the star of the show is Casey Anthony. She’s the one charged and on trial. What would be her motive? If we go with the tape thing, one would suppose it was to keep the child quiet, but about what? And, if we go with the accidental drowning, why all the mystery and refusal to report it as such from the very moment it happened?

Cindy Anthony – Mother and grandmother. Cindy obviously suffers from a broken heart. I cannot imagine losing one of my granddaughters in such a horrendous manner, especially with all the media hype and microscopic judgments surrounding it. But other than that, she seems numb. Maybe it’s medication that is necessary to keep her from going over the edge. I know I’ve been in that position, and it truly is “better living through chemistry.” Does Cindy play a part in this death?

George Anthony – I just do not know. One thing I am most sure of. I don’t give a flying flip if Casey Anthony is innocent or guilty – she has asserted that her father molested her as a child. This sort of accusation should immediately and aggressively be pursued and investigated. There are many discountable accusers every day who have investigations open on their word as possible victims of sexual abuse. If the defense has half a brain, they will call for an investigation into the facts of this accusation.

Lee Anthony – With all the tears that were shed between him and Casey during his last interrogation on the stand, I have to wonder what’s up with that? We have definitive proof he nor George is the biological father of Caylee. Why did it bother him so much that he was left out of the process of being told his sister was pregnant while unmarried? Is there a bond there we have not been allowed to see? I saw a love between two siblings that seemed legitimate and painstakingly sincere. Hey, yo, defense, might be a good time to play that card.

The Mistress – Purported, alleged, asserted, insinuated – was there an affair? And what does she mean by “intimate moment.” That could be anything from a hug to full out intercourse. She wants us to believe she found no reason to come forth for over a year, yet was convinced she held valuable information? When asked about the affair, George laughed on the stand, denying it happened. In the meantime, Cindy sits in the gallery, still acting numb.

Kronk – He found the remains. What is the percentage of those who find the remains being those who put them there in the first place? It’s a valid question.

The pool and ladder – If Caylee fell into the pool, where was the ladder? Where was the childproof lock that is required to be in place to protect children from such fatal drowning?

The baby daddy – Whoever and wherever he is, we’ve been told he died in a terrible auto accident. So, where are the paternal grandparents in all this? Do you honestly believe I, or any other normal grandparent would just be a rumor, never showing up to see or hear justice for their precious grandbaby? Or, do we honestly and truly even know who fathered Caylee?

Jose Baez – NOW we bring up the defense that Casey is incapable to stand trial, she can’t take the stand and answer the questions to be thrown at her? Oh, geez, Jose, can we say “a day late and a dollar short?” As it was said on Good Morning America today, “This is a Hail Mary pass.” Only time I recall seeing one of those really working was Flute throwing for Boston College, taking out University of Miami for the national college championship. Maybe Doug is available for this drastic call, Coach…

Other “players” in this sideshow carnival are the car with its trunk liner, the prosecutors, Casey’s party buddies, the judge and the jury. I believe Judge Belvin Perry is doing all he can to keep things in order, and avoid a mistrial. I believe the jurors are probably long overdue for a cruise to a remote Caribbean island for a couple of weeks. I believe we are still in for a lot of surprises before this case comes to a conclusion.

Carolyn is an advocate for sexual/domestic violence and assault awareness, also focusing on child sexual abuse. She is a Life Direction & Empowerment Coach, working with victims and survivors of molestation, sexual assault, domestic violence or spousal abuse, and bringing training to organizations seeking to help victims. Listen to Carolyn’s interview with Cynthia Brennen, on “Help, Hope & Healing.” Visit her Everyday Health blog, Emotional Wellbeing, or her website at orangeblossomwishes.com.

  1. While I believe the family was aware (after the fact), I don’t think any of them had a hand in Caley’s disappearance. While they, especially Cindy, have done some despicable things to try to get Casey off, they are not directly guilty. Although I have heard that Cindy (and maybe George after lying today) could face perjury. I doubt it will happen. Which leaves only Casey. The State will close with reminding the jury 1) who had motive – Casey, computer searches and probably tired of toting the ball/chain named Caley 2) who had opportunity – Casey since no one else was with her at the time, 3) who repeated lied to cover up what happened – Casey. Baez is also guilty for attempting to destroy many of these people with inuendo, mistruths, and what will turn out to be a “joke of a defense.” Hopefully, he will be disbarred for his part……

    • LOVE your input. I think Mr. Baez will certainly be scrutinized for some of his courtroom antics. Any attorney licensed in Fla should know the other side’s rights to your disclosure, instead of, “OMG, you’re not gonna believe this, look what I just found…”

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