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It is common knowledge among those who know me even fairly well that I am prone to chase after rabbits, so to speak. Well, off I go down the bunny trail again. I realize there are multiple major issues regarding the Casey Anthony case, with both sides doing their level best to prove her either guilty or innocent of murder, amidst many other charges. So why am I so fixated on one point? I just cannot get past the tape thing.

Dr. G put it so well while she was on the stand being questioned: There is no excuse for a small child to have duct tape put over their mouth – period. But, if she supposedly drowned first, then why would you put duct tape over the mouth of a dead child?

Sorry, it just does not wash. I mean, listening to the details of how wild animals fed off Caylee’s body, how during a tropical storm it sat in inches and inches of water, quite frankly, it literally sickens me.

But why the tape? Why? I’m no world-renowned prosecuting attorney, but without being a courtroom rocket scientist, it would seem the tape was put over her mouth while she was still alive. Why? If she fell into the pool, was the tape over her mouth when she fell in? If so, why? If she was put into the trunk of the car alive, was the tape over her mouth then? Why?

I just can’t get past the tape thing.

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  1. Unfortunately, there are people in this world…women, who have no issues with duct taping a child’s mouth. In 1990, I was a substitute teacher at a Catholic school in a small predominately military town in Texas. I was subbing in the Pre-k class, which was housed in a bungalow completely separated from the school building proper. This bungalow contained two classrooms, the Pre-K and the kindergarten. They had some trouble keeping a teacher for the kindergarten class, kept hiring women whose military husbands were getting orders to move .

    They finally hired one extremely young woman, no older than 22, who had a child in the kindergarten class. Her husband was also military and not home much. This woman began a series of behavior patterns that would alarm ANYONE.

    There was a little girl in her class who was having problems at home…her father (military also) had tried to murder her mother in front of her. Naturally, her home life troubles led to her having classroom problems. Her biggest issue was that she couldn’t stop ‘chatting’. Nobody paid attention to her at home, and the person who she should have been able to trust abused her because she was ‘irritating’.

    First, the teacher (and I am being VERY gracious in NOT spreading this “person’s” name out there to the world now that I can do it and believe me, I am tempted to) refused to let the girl go to the bathroom. She’d gone twice before (and probably had an unchecked bladder infection, given her home situation, which the teacher was well aware of). So the teacher made the girl stand in the corner until she wet her pants.

    The teacher proudly came next door to my classroom to show me how effective she was as a disciplinarian. I promptly took this to the principal, who was a nun. And ‘nun’ was done.

    The next thing teacher did was to duct tape the little girls mouth because she was chatting too much. She stood there in the corner for I have no idea how long, duct taped on her face before the teacher again, proudly came over to ‘show and tell’ her effectiveness as a disciplinarian.

    Again, I reported her. And again, nothing was done. It wasn’t until teacher began bringing her BOYFRIEND to spend his day in class with her (this is a married woman whose husband in on detail). Holding hands and kissing him in front of her students…in front of her SON.

    Again, I reported her. And THIS time, they took action. Because this action was immoral. Apparently, to the Catholic church, torturing a child is not immoral. But messing around behind your husband’s back in front of your kid is.

    My Catholicy ended with my time at this school. I had previously worked taking care of the priests in the rectory, and believe me, I heard plenty of stuff that’d curl your hair. I worked as a secretary in the parish office, and believe me, I heard plenty of stuff that’d curl your hair. I was questioning my religion then…but it was the abuse heaped upon a 5 year old girl that was ignored for the sake of convenience (to not have to bother with finding another teacher) to make me realize that it was time to leave.

    Yes, unfortunately there are probably plenty of 22 year old women who are more than happy to put duct tape over a little innocent child’s mouth. And I am disgusted to have had to know one of them. She still lives in the south, and I am sure knows all about the Casey Anthony story. I wonder what she thinks of herself now, or if she’s erased her abusive behavior from her memory by lying to herself all these years.

  2. Michelle,

    Considering I am a legal assistant, I find it absolutely mandatory to make the following statements:

    The opinions stated herein are NOT necessarily those of the author of the blog post, and a kind admonition. Please keep the statements in the light of opinions rather than appearing as statements of facts, for they are not. Nobody knows the facts, well, maybe the Anthony family, but we’re still not sure of that. I invite you to continue contributing, and look forward to your input, but perhaps less aggressively?

    And for the record, presently I do not agree with your statements, but I AM open to the idea some of them just may come out as truth before all is said and done.

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