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The morning sun has risen on this first day of 2011, and now it is about to set. A new year is upon us. What will it hold? Change? Countless resolutions? Restored relationships? A better economy? A more intimate spiritual walk? There will be change here at Carolyn’s blog. That is a certainty.


I’ve done some introspection, reevaluating and some inventory of what this blog contains and where it might need updating or change. The decision is to convert this blog totally to domestic/intimate partner violence, child abuse, sexual abuse and emotional wellbeing. There will be more links of articles appearing in various periodicals, at other websites and I will be dedicating one entire page to short inspirational statements. It is my strong desire that others will take time to check that page for a bit of encouragement, motivation or a hand reaching out to lift you up to a higher place, a place of hope, trust, faith – whatever you might need to get you through the day, or even the moment, that is bringing for you a challenge. In the meantime, watch for the coming changes! Many will be made based on your suggestions and ideas. What would you like to see here? What do you feel has helped most in the past?

While you are here, I encourage you to please RATE any post you read, and even if it is only one word, please leave a comment?! The more input YOU give, the more action is recorded, and that enables others to find this blog who perhaps need useful information regarding domestic violence or spouse abuse, child molestation, etc.

Here is my commitment to any who visit here – During 2011 it is my deepest desire to reach masses of victims and survivors, helping them come up out of the miry pit they might be buried in, sharing information that perhaps will set them on their path to recovery, freedom, empowerment and a life worth living.

I also will be working on completion of my next book. It will contain stories from other victims and survivors of child molestation, spousal abuse, domestic/intimate partner violence, sexual assault . . . the list goes on. Do you have a life story to share? Is there a time in your past you would be willing to tell in an effort to help those who are GOING through what you have MADE it through?

HOWEVER, I can’t do it without YOU. Will you do your part? Give me a shout out, share your thoughts, and please, recommend the book to any victims who are battling the frightening matter of making a decision to speak out and break free.


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