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Teal ribbon - awareness for sexual violence/assault

How reassuring to see that Shonda Rimes and her staff of writers have found the importance of including some consideration of the role of the spouse/intimate partner of a sexual assault victim. There is a myriad of emotions at play. In the storyline regarding the rape of Charlotte King, Private Practice has begun to address the post-traumatic issues such as Charlotte’s need for Coop’s love, her fear of losing him, yet her inability to allow intimate touch. The trauma has now engulfed the entire relationship, with vivid reflection on the emotional stretching Coop is enduring, as well. Why could he not protect the woman he loves from such a horrific experience?

Recently I was honored to be one of several participants at Voices of Strength, an event in the Tampa Bay area. Many victims and survivors of assault gathered to share their stories, their words of encouragement, faith and hope, expressive dance, art and poetry. It was an eventful evening. Many found a level of restoration they had not anticipated. It was a diverse group of both males and females expressing the experiences of dealing with their own demons. . . all had been abused, assaulted or molested on some level.

It is virtually impossible to get through the trauma of sexual assault or abuse alone. None of us is an island to ourselves. Hopefully, if you need help, you will reach out. There are agencies, organizations, friends and loved ones waiting to extend that hand, offer that hug. It’s a display of true strength to know when to reach out and accept help.

Over the past few weeks, as I have been riveted to the episodes of Private Practice, I recalled one of the most powerful moments of the evening at the Voices of Strength event. It was an expressive dance telling a story of a victim being aided by her intimate partner. It would be an injustice if I continue any further. Please click on the picture below, watch the video for yourself, and hopefully your spirit will be touched as mine was. True love saves lives. Let the video complete this message…

The importance of the partner in rape recovery

Wayne Dyer - Event Tour
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