While there is obviously not widespread peace on earth today, for a few hours last night there was certainly peace in my little corner of the world. Steaks on the grill, fire in the pit, the fountain with its dancing waters performing their soliloquy, and I had the iPod softly playing Christmas music. For that short time I found a place of contentment and relaxation, treasuring one of my dearest gifts – time with my husband. Suddenly my attention was drawn to the song playing in the background. It is a song from the 80s, “Do They Know It’s Christmas” a/k/a “Feed the World.” Many of us recall this musical event was an endeavor to help save lives of starving people in Africa. The crème de la crème of musicians and singers were taking part. I have heard the words to that song many times over, but for some strange reason, this time they caught my full attention: “Thank God it’s them instead of you.” Really? Thank God it’s happening to them, rather than me being the one who is homeless, starving and suffering from diseases that should have been eradicated long, long ago? I found myself pondering, having a bit of a conversation with God:

“Shouldn’t we pray that they will find deliverance, peace and joy along with us, rather than thanking You we’re not the victim here?” The message reminded me of the words Billie Holiday sang in God Bless the Child.

The message also reminded me of how often we hear, or say, “Better you than me,” when some unpleasant, or even worse, a horrific experience comes along. As an advocate for domestic violence awareness, it resonated within my soul, while reading about or viewing a telecast regarding another domestic violence attack, or God forbid, another murder, how often do others take that same attitude: “Better them than me.” The holiday season is a time of year when domestic violence runs rampant. I hope we will all consider what it might be like to walk merely a few feet in the victim’s shoes, and ask God what we can do to make a difference. We can all pray. . . for their peace and safety. I dare to believe no one reading this post has considered waking up on Christmas morning to a phone call telling you that your daughter, sister or mother has been rushed to the hospital as a result of an attack by their spouse or intimate partner. Far too many will wake up this Christmas morning with a huge hole in their heart – a void that can never be filled because one they loved so deeply was snatched from them way too early, and in such a violent manner.

It is Christmas. The words sung in the heavens were Joy to the world; peace on earth and good will to ALL men. An unexpected combination of singers, David Bowie and Bing Crosby put it so well. To watch the video, click here:

Bowie & Bing - Little Drummer Boy video

I’ve seen and experienced a lot of despair and sadness this holiday season, but I pray that all may know the true experience of Christmas in their hearts. So, in the words of one Tiny Tim, my prayer is this for all the world:



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