Today is Friday, February 3, 2012.

Today is the American Heart Association’s  Go Red for Women National Wear Red Day.

I will wear red today. You see, this is a very important day for me. I am a heart attack survivor, and have received ongoing cardiac care since the day that changed my life. I was only 44 at the time of the heart attack. In 1996 they implanted a stent into my left anterior descending artery, when they found a 96% oclusion during the emergency catheterization. In 2005 another blockage was found on the right side of my heart – another stent was implanted. I have learned the importance of my relationship with my healthcare providers, especially my primary care and cardiac physicians. Our heart health is not to be taken lightly. Please read my story.

My mother retired at a young age due to her own heart disease and congenital cardiac abnormalities. In 1999 she underwent her second open-heart surgery. Repair of the valve that had been replaced years before, and replacement of the other. Neither of her heart valves were working properly. She experienced a stroke during surgery, slipped into a coma. About three weeks passed, and as Mother’s Day arrived, life support was disconnected. She passed away a few days later. Ever since then it has come naturally for me to often wear red.

It’s not just one day a year. I wear red often. I am also a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. One of the most important websites for women is the Go Red For Women site of the American Heart Association. I was interviewed only a week ago about the relationship between heart disease and abuse. Elevated stress, even as a child, has had a profound effect upon my heart health. You can read the story that appeared on the front page of The Tampa Tribune. CLICK HERE

Betty J. Hennecy - My mother, my legacy

Today I shall wear red in memory of my wonderful, strong, gracious mama, BETTY HENNECY.

Today I shall wear red proudly.


  1. I wear red for my momma, my best friend..PATSY WRENN CASH WOMBLE…love and miss you every day momma…I often think about, conversations we have had throughout my life, when you were raising me, and you were right..and I am proud of the time you took..teaching me and showing me through example..that made me who I am today.

  2. Denise Pounds says:

    I’ve got my red on. In addition to my relationship to the women above, a precious aunt and a cousin, I have two male relatives who passed away with confirmed heart problems, my father, William Dennis Scott, and my grandfather, Coy William Scott. As women we must understand that often we are not given the same warnings our male partners receive. Perhaps women feel it is simply emotional heart ache we are experiencing, or really don’t feel things the way our male counterparts do, either way, I want to be healthy, I want to know my grandchildren, I want to live a long wonderful life. It starts with my first walk, the first 15 minutes on the treadmill, I just have to start somewhere, for my children, my family, most importantly….for myself.

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