Carolyn with the ladies of Hope Haven Low Country and books donated to their Center

Carolyn, I hope you don’t mind. Your post was shared with every sworn officer in our department with the appropriate recognition of the author and a link to the site of course. I put it out in an email and our Chief read it and strongly suggested that everyone take the time to open and read your article.  We have had training on this multiple times, but that question just will not go away. Maybe we should … ask each officer to have it available for reference and to read to anyone who asks. Your original posting was also shared with our municipal prosecutors, court victim’s advocate and the magistrates as well. Everyone needs to periodically renew their understanding of why she doesn’t leave. Our team is better informed to deal with our own doubts and those of others because you decided to remind us again. Domestic Violence Investigator – (Police Department – Alabama)

Carolyn is an inspiring speaker and a passionate advocate for domestic violence issues. I have had the pleasure of working with her in a variety of settings, and find her to be the ultimate professional every time. She wants to help others learn from her pain, so they don’t have to suffer as she did. Nikki Daniels, Executive Director, Family Justice Center Hillsborough County

Carolyn is an excellent and emotionally honest writer. Her ability to “speak up” is already creating thousands of openings for others who have endured abuse to follow her lead. Her sense of purpose has also made her an eloquent spokesperson against abuse and an engaging radio guest.” Pat LynchFounder and CEO, W.O.M.E.N.

Carolyn Hennecy is an amazing voice for survivors of sexual violence. She inspires, motivates and supports other survivors to embrace their journey of recovery from trauma. She has transformed pain and suffering into empowerment and carries a message of hope. Carolyn is an amazing advocate for survivors and teaches how to walk through triggers, life circumstances and pain with grace and dignity. She embraces her journey and expresses her empowerment with honesty and authenticity. It is an honor and a privileged to work alongside Carolyn in the movement. She is a true warrior. Marilyn Bray, Outreach and Empowerment Coordinator, The Crisis Center, Tampa Bay

Carolyn and I met approximately a year ago at a conference in San Antonio, Texas. Upon meeting Carolyn I was moved by her story and inspired by her ambition.  I have since leaned on Carolyn for assistance with my own work. Even though we are miles away, Carolyn has always delivered. Altovise Love-Craighead, Board Member, EMIR Victim Center

Carolyn Hennecy has been a true blessing to me and my listeners on my radio program, Help, Hope & Healing!  Her heartfelt advocacy of those experiencing abuse in their lives has been an amazing healing process for those afflicted.  Carolyn’s perseverance, love and support of others is beyond measure, we are all blessed to have her walking this earth. Cynthia Brennan, LMSW (Family Therapist and Radio Talk Show Host)

Carolyn…inspires me to grow, a woman who took a poor situation and watered it with Faith and Will power, planting good wishes for so many hurting people. Lepena Reid─ASK…A Survivors Keys

Her depth of experience is like pieces of gold that she has gathered from out of the ashes of her tragic life. Picking up these pieces, she now runs with them, carrying them to others that she meets along the way. Her wisdom and insight that she now exudes helps bring healing to others who have been in similar life circumstances. The only way that I could explain her style to someone that I have just met off the street, would be this… She is a dynamic heartfelt speaker seasoned with down home Southern charm. SC, Media Director

Carolyn Hennecy has a heart for helping others. I met Carolyn via the Polk Writers Group, an affiliate of the Florida Writers Association. She is bold and passionate about helping others overcome abuse. DG, Wife/Teacher/Writer

This beautiful lady is witty and charming. She is a wonderful inspirational speaker and a woman of God. Let her speak to your group or be sure to read her book. CS, Director of Finance, Marion County Property Appraiser

I read Carolyn’s book “Orange Blossom Wishes” and would recommend that victims of domestic violence read her book. It is a message of hope. Her book is heartwarming. Her story makes you realize that you can overcome barriers and that you can have a better life. It is an encouragement to all of us. Carolyn is tenacious and (I’m) so glad that she wrote this book. BEDirector of Development, Bay Area Legal Services

Carolyn is passionate about helping women overcome… after all, she is more than over comer herself. Her book, her speaking, her very existence is all about teaching others how to live a victorious life. She is relatable, funny and encouraging. You will be blessed through knowing her! TBSection 10 Women’s Ministries Ambassador, General Council of the Assemblies of God

Just wanted to let everyone know what a blessing Carolyn Hennecy was to our church. The ladies banquet was very successful and brought in some un-churched ladies. We highly recommend Carolyn and encourage you to read her book “Orange Blossom Wishes”. WG, Sr. Pastor

I have found that Carolyn is one of the most resilient women that I’ve ever known. She is steadfast in her faith, humorous in her outlook on life, and downright honest and sincere in her care and love for others. Carolyn loves long and she loves hard. She is a genuinely warm hearted and superbly funny Southern Belle! Go Carolyn! Laura Chase, Midday Announcer and Production Manager, 1570 WTWB─Southern Gospel Radio

Carolyn was an excellent director of the Singles Ministries at Carpenters Home Church. She encouraged our participation in the ministry and provided excellent leadership to the group. She organized outreach opportunities for the group to participate in, as well as providing support for members of the ministry in need of financial or spiritual support. She provided a good balance to the group.” Patricia Grossman

It was a pleasure meeting you in person. I wish you much success, keep up the great work and effort. You are doing a wonderful service to women all over the world. I definitely will give you a fantastic recommendation. I will keep you in mind for future events. NG, Community Relations Coordinator, National Book Store Chain

It is a wonderful thing you do for victims of domestic violence. Thank you so much for your donation of books to our client(s)…I wanted to see their reaction to the donation and I can honestly say our clients have thoroughly enjoyed reading “Orange Blossom Wishes.” Last year, over 548 individuals stayed in our shelters and over 7,000 individuals utilized our Outreach Programs, a major increase in clients for our agency. With the number of people we serve each day in our shelters, events like this one mean a lot to our agency and our clients. Words cannot express our gratitude to you. Our Board of Directors, staff and I cannot thank you enough. JLB, CEO, Abuse Counseling & Treatment




By  Steve Maclin

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This review is from: ORANGE BLOSSOM WISHES: Child Molested, Woman Abused — Her Victorious Journey to Freedom (Paperback)
“ORANGE BLOSSOM WISHES” is an interesting and awesome book. Author Carolyn Hennecy tells the inspiring story of the hardships, heartbreaks, and heartaches she has endured throughout her life. This book should be read by anybody who has ever been the victim of abuse and lack of self-esteem because of it, or known somebody who has.

At the young and tender age of seven, she was molestd by a teenage boy who was a relative! This would happen off and on until she was in her teens. He would tell her that if she goes back home and tells her parents it would be her fault. She was made to feel like a naughty girl even when it was not her fault at all. What is a young child supposed to do?

In her senior year in high school her boyfriend, whom she was crazy about, broke up with her and joined the navy. She graduated from high school and was married to someone else (was she on the rebound?) less than a year later. She hoped she might be able to lead her new, beer guzzling husband to salvation. But instead of home being where the heart was, home was where the beer was. He turned out to be an abusive, violent, dangerous, domineering alcoholic who might just remind the reader of the character Doyle in the movie “Slingblade.”

After divorcing the “Doyle” character, she was later married to a man she describes as “Mr. G Q” because he “was very attractive and quite a smooth talker.” They were married on Good Friday but. . . there is always a but isn’t there? But it was also April Fools Day. A bad sign perhaps? All seemed to be going fairly well until it turned out that Mr. G Q was also “Mr. Three-Woman Man.” Not only was he a bigamist married to another woman at the same time, but he also had a girlfriend on the side! And that is no April Fools joke!

There are other stories as well, but space limits me writing about them. However, there is one more I would like to add.

At one point in the book Hennecy is very ill and is in the local hospital of her Florida town. She is visited by a mystery lady who is assumed to be a hospital employee. But this mysterious visitor has no name tag on. The lady offers to pray for Hennecy and when Hennecy opens her eyes after the prayer, the mystery lady is gone! Further inquiry reveals the fact that nobody in the hospital saw her or knew who she could have been. Could this mystery lady have been an angel?

The overall theme of the book is that even though one experiences a multitude of setbacks, disappointments, abuse, tragedy, sadness, and stress in their life, one can overcome it all and experience a “victorious journey to freedom!” This book tells the power of God’s love, forgiveness, and compassion without being preachy.

Can Hennecy forgive the people who wronged her and betrayed her in the past? My wish is for you to read “ORANGE BLOSSOM WISHES” and find out.

In her quest to find happiness and help others, this Southern lady should be quite successful. Once you start reading it you cannot put it down. In my first sentence I wrote “this book is interesting and awesome.” It is also powerful. I highly recommend it.