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About Domestic Violence Speaker Carolyn Hennecy

Tenacity. Conviction. Enthusiasm. Motivation. Activism. Spirituality. Humor. Southern charm—and Survivor. All these are part of Carolyn Hennecy—The Speaker. Some would say she is a combination of Joyce Meyer and Paula Deen, with just a sprinkling of Diane Sawyer. Whether addressing a secular audience or being asked to speak to a faith-based group, Carolyn always aligns her presentation to the needs of the particular venue in her unique manner.

NOTE: Carolyn S. Hennecy recently served as domestic violence and abuse speaker, offering an accredited presentation, “A Survivor’s Story,” at the Mississippi Department of Public Safety Crime Stoppers Annual Training Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi. Those in attendance ranged from law enforcement, FBI, judiciary, attorneys, educators, licensed social workers, therapists and counselors, as well as advocates.

Early in her life Carolyn Hennecy learned and realized there was a deep-seated passion within her to deliver messages of hope, encouragement and truth. Yet, she never hesitated to raise questions considered outside the scope of a child’s arena. Her inquisitive nature usually caused adults to consider her a bit precocious.

Hennecy’s first public speech took place when she campaigned for the position of Student Council Secretary during her ninth-grade year. She stirred the entire student body and teachers alike with her focus on responsibility as the student body of a new school—the only one in the entire county allowed to chew gum on campus. “No gum underneath desks. Let’s show them they have not made a mistake by trusting us with such power as this!” As she concluded her rousing presentation, the room was electrified with the crowd jumping to their feet, awarding a booming applause and loud cheers. She won the election.

Since then Carolyn has become a published author. Her book, ORANGE BLOSSOM WISHES, was released in 2008, in conjunction with Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It has continually caused great demand  in several venues for her to share her life story as a guest speaker. She has been invited to speak at statewide conferences, Women’s AGLOW, various local and regional conferences, and in 2010 she was selected by Verizon as 1 of 5 women in the nation to represent them as a survivor spokesperson at the Annual Family Justice Center International Conference. While there, she participated on a panel discussingLong Term Support of domestic violence victims and survivors. She was also asked to serve as speaker to the staff of ABC Action News in Tampa on The Role of Media in Domestic Violence Awareness. Her work as a domestic violence speaker and author has become her passion. She pursues it readily.

2011 Keynote Speaker For Domestic Violence

In 2011, the Osceola County Domestic Violence Task Force received Hennecy as keynote speaker at their annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month conference. There she offered an accredited presentation on “Mourn, Celebrate and Connect.”

This charismatic speaker has appeared on numerous radio and television interviews, ranging from local stations to nationally syndicated programs. During Domestic Violence Awareness Month of 2011 she was featured as the opening segment on the highly acclaimed Emmy award winning “Taking Action Against Domestic Violence.” This 1-hour prime time special is presented by ABC Action News annually. Even as her emotionally moving segment opened the show, it was her words of encouragement to victims and struggling survivors that closed it, as well.

When sharing her personal story, Carolyn continually moves crowds to tears, brings forth laughter and reflection, along with incentives to work toward making our communities, cities and nation better and safer places. Challenges are given to listeners to present no excuses in helping others to seek the full and enriching life we were all meant to experience. She is often called upon to speak at fund raising events, stirring attendees to share in collective financial responsibility for the subject organization or cause.

While Carolyn’s primary focus for speaking engagements is domestic violence, she is also a spokesperson for the American Heart Association, with interviews as widespread as the local newspaper to CNN. In addition to these roles, Ms. Hennecy is ever on the ready to address spiritual and motivational topics, or speak to young adults and teens regarding safe dating. And, rest assured, it is quite the encounter to be present whenever she relates, with charm and humor, her memories and experiences of growing up in the South. Whatever your venue, Carolyn welcomes the opportunity to “form fit” a workshop, seminar or keynote speech to your needs and requests.

Accredited Domestic Violence and Abuse Speaker:

Carolyn is available to present accredited classes, seminars and workshops. If you are seeking an accredited presentation that will qualify for CEU’s to LMHC’s, LCSW’s and/or LMFT’s, go to the the “Contact Me” tab at the top of this page, provide the requested information and you will be contacted with details pertaining to your request.

You may reach Carolyn to book speaking engagements on domestic violence and abuse by simply clicking on the “Contact Me” tab above.

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