Who We Are

Carolyn S. Hennecy native Floridian, author and freelance writer. She is a regular contributing blogger at Everyday Health on Emotional Well being and Living With Heart Disease, as well as IM-Safe Institute, and serves as a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. Hennecy’s greatest passion is her work in abuse recovery and support.

ANNOUNCEMENT: ON MAY 4, 2012, CAROLYN RECEIVED HER CERTIFICATE OF DESIGNATED VICTIM SERVICES PRACTIONER FROM THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA. In the past, her expertise has been in the areas of domestic/intimate partner violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Through successful completion of this course, Carolyn is now additionally equipped to assist and educate others regarding Human Trafficking, Gang Violence, Elder Abuse, Victims with Disabilities, Identity Theft, Victim Compensation and Homicide Notification.

In 2008 Carolyns memoirs, ORANGE BLOSSOM WISHES: Child Molested, Woman Abused – Her Victorious Journey to Freedom, was published. She successfully addresses emotional trauma and devastation, while peppering this autobiography with light-hearted southern charm. With powerful conviction, she establishes the important roles laughter and faith played in her healing and restoration. Since the books release, Carolyn has traveled extensively, appeared on local and nationally syndicated television and radio programs, and had the privilege to interact with victims and survivors at various book signings throughout Florida and in parts of the southeastern United States.

Besides being a domestic violence speaker, Carolyn is a credentialed minister, extending pastoral and spiritual support. In April 2010, Hennecy was selected as one of five women in the nation to represent Verizon as a VOICES member and domestic violence survivor at the Annual International Family Justice Center Alliance Conference. There, she participated as part of a panel discussing long-term support for domestic violence victims and survivors.

She previously served as Co-Chair of the VOICES Committee with the Family Justice Center Hillsborough County, has completed the Gift of Presence Chaplaincy course and 16-hour Nuts & Bolts program for domestic violence advocate training. She currently serves as a member of the Sexual Violence Task Force of Tampa Bay Speakers Bureau.

Hennecy was featured on the 2011 ABC Action News special, Taking Action Against Domestic Violence. This 1-hour prime time special is a multiple Emmy award-winning campaign, and her story has garnered much public attention.

Working as an advocate for abuse and domestic violence awareness, she is convinced victims desire more than endless lists of statistics. They are looking for a fellow traveler who can encourage them to believe there is a light at the end of their tunnel of darkness. She has assuredly been there, done that. Carolyn strives to help victims and struggling survivors, as well as raise awareness regarding domestic/intimate partner violence, child molestation and sexual abuse. As an advocate, she actively pursues every opportunity to educate, empower and inform public, private, secular and religious venues in an effort to eradicate the senseless emotional and mental damage, physical injuries, and far too often, deaths that occur as a result of abuse and domestic violence.

By sharing her personal story of triumph over her own lifes traumas and adversities, it is with zeal, humor and southern charm that Carolyn has become widely known and often described as keepin it real. Ever on the ready to speak to masses or small groups on topics as varied as single parenting, domestic violence, spirituality or just life in general, Carolyn especially finds fulfillment and purpose in touching the lives, one at a time, of those who struggle with abuse in their life.

She says it best in her own words:

I share my battles and victories with all the victims and struggling survivors of abuse and domestic violence as encouragement, support and to relay to you the message that there is hope, there is a way out and there is a way to empowerment. You have the right to choose the life you want to lead. Choose wisely, and live happily.

Being a support system and advocate for each of you is the passion of my life. I found the way out of the tunnel of darkness. Now my life is dedicated to extending the hand of a fellow traveler, to help you find that the light coming at you is not a train of destruction, rather the beacon of hope!