KEEP FAMILY SECRETS  Are you compelled to keep family secrets? Those dark hidden secrets like sexual abuse that happened to you as a child? Are you a victim of sexual abuse? Still carrying around that demon as you keep family secrets from being discovered? Do you find it emotionally and mentally paralyzing? It can be30

BODY MIND AND SPIRIT. What could they possibly have in common with domestic violence?   It seems that most victims of domestic violence fail to take into consideration the damage it does to the body mind and spirit. It’s pretty obvious when bruises, broken teeth or bones appear the body has taken a blow. But what30

GETTING PAST THE ABUSE – It is a most common thing to hear from former victims of domestic violence that one of their biggest challenges is getting past the abuse. It’s not as simple as making a decision one day and waking the next to find you are free from the victim mentality. For most former30

THE INNER PAIN OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Domestic violence always carries with it a level of inner pain. After being interviewed by one of the local newspapers and reading the article last month, I found some of the comments others left nothing short of amazing. It was obvious many readers just don’t “get” the inner pain30

DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU DON’T MEASURE UP?   How many fully grown adults are still beating themselves up over the fact they always felt they never measured up. Do you measure up? Have you ever been made to feel, or God forbid, been told you don’t measure up? Was it subliminally planted within your30

THE DEATH OF WHITNEY HOUSTON—Oh, the comments, conversations and judgmental remarks I have heard this week relating to the death of Whitney Houston. It amazes me how many are standing in a place of criticism, edging into judgment, not to mention sensationalistic journalism, about her death. As I sat in conversation with a group this30

THINGS ABUSERS SAY – All victims of domestic abuse are aware of more terms used as verbal abuse than one could possibly count.   My goal here is to reach out to current victims of domestic violence, especially those who may not think or recognize they truly are victims of domestic violence. Potentially, the most ironic30

JOSH POWELL – POWER AND CONTROL. IS THAT WHAT DROVE HIM TO COMMIT MURDER AND SUICIDE? Josh Powell-power and control. They may now perhaps be synonymous. Two innocent little boys are dead. Their mother has been missing for over two years, and it is presumed their father murdered her and disposed of the body. The30

WHAT MOTIVATED JOSH POWELL? As I awoke to news reports this week, I was crestfallen to hear that Josh Powell, accused of murdering his wife, had taken the lives of himself and his two young sons by setting his house afire. What motivated Josh Powell? Why did he do this? He had executed the perfect30

TOO OFTEN WE WANDER ABOUT, SEEKING PURPOSE IN LIFE. Once we feel we have discovered a fragment of that purpose, we attempt to fulfill it, put it to use, make our lives mean something. Scripture tells us, “They will know you by the fruit you bear.” My mental eye immediately perceives an orange tree covered30