Have you ever heard of IPV, and wondered what it means? I.P.V. is the abbreviation for Intimate Partner Violence. Are you wondering what it has to do with domestic violence? The definition of IPV, as shared by the CDC is: Intimate partner violence—also called domestic violence, battering, or spouse abuse: Violence committed by a spouse,30

THE TREASURE BOX─ Keeping God in a box? Read on to see what our guest blogger, MELANEA D. WOOD, has to say about that. Luke 11:33-34     33 “No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand,30

The phrase, “God hates divorce” has kept many women (and men) in marriages filled with emotional, verbal and even physical violence. Domestic violence victims are constantly asking me if God expects them to remain where they are being abused and/or battered. Let’s take a closer look at the source of “God hates divorce.” In the30

Do you realize how domestic violence impacts our economy? How it hits your wallet, as it hits victims in the face, chest or emotions? The general public is mostly unaware how domestic violence impacts our economy. It costs us enormous amounts each year. A great chunk could be taken out of our deficit by doing30

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SEXUAL ABUSE BREAST CANCER: BRINGING AWARENESS TO AN IMPORTANT CAUSE Anyone who has read my blog for even a short period of time has probably figured out one of the foremost purposes in my life is bringing awareness to an important cause. You will often find me working and advocating to draw more30

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE—STAYING OR LEAVING AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP What a decision! Do I stay in or leave this abusive relationship? For victims, the most difficult, and dangerous, time is deciding upon staying in or leaving an abusive relationship. I’ve been reflecting upon my first marriage, with its domestic violence and resulting divorce. Having been raised in30