Personally, I find it a bit ironic that the last day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month is also the day of ghosts, goblins and tricks. Many survivors of domestic violence are still haunted by the ghosts of their past, while most victims are still being tricked into staying in an abusive or violent relationship. Ironically,30

The majority of time, society considers domestic violence as a spouse abusing a spouse, or intimate partner abuse. How often do we hear or read reports of parents abusing their own children? We hear of babies being brutally beaten just to make them stop crying. A book that was published several years ago brought the30

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Gayle Guyardo of the Tampa NBC affiliate, WFLA, on the Channel 8 News Today morning show. We addressed my own personal story, in recognition of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please take 6 minutes to view the spot. It has some valuable information regarding domestic violence. To30

There is just no way I can put it any clearer than this brief video from Verizon. Domestic violence lives just around the corner, across the street, sits at the next desk in your office, or on the bleacher beside you at the children’s soccer game. “Why doesn’t she just leave?” or “It’s really none30

WARNING – THIS VIDEO IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR YOUNG VIEWERS AND MAY BE UPSETTING TO ADULTS. I’m not going to take up a lot of space here for this one. I hope that instead of spending 5 minutes reading a post, you will spend it watching this video. Diane Sawyer interviews a victim, Susan Still,30

At some time or another every victim of spouse abuse or domestic/intimate partner violence will be asked, “Why don’t you just leave?” We have a list as long as our arm as to why we stay, no matter how deeply we desire to get out of the situation. WE know why we choose to stay,30

Have you read more than one post on my blog? Do you visit often, or is this your first time here? Please let me extend a special invitation to you. On October 14, 2011, beginning at 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time, ABC Action News will air their annual primetime Emmy award winning special, TAKING ACTION AGAINST30

When we are busy at the office trying to meet deadlines, getting projects completed, answering phones that are ringing off the hook, domestic violence is probably one of the last things to cross our mind—unless we are a present victim. How many of our coworkers are being buffeted by spousal or intimate partner abuse or30

Have you ever known of a married couple who “just couldn’t get along?” They snipped and snapped, even in public, with no respect or regard for the other? It almost seemed as if they were egging the other on to take the first swing. Now, that is most certainly dysfunctional, but it is what I30