These are a few of the things many of us who were (or are presently) victimized by spousal/ intimate partner abuse or domestic violence, far too often have to hear: “I know just how you feel.” (Do you really? How cavalier. I mean, what has caused you to feel the unbearable pain and hopelessness I30

I’ve asked myself this question as a result of several events that have taken place this week and set me off on a “pondering journey.” That’s what I call the times when I just have to mentally and emotionally “walk” in the direction they lead to see where it takes me. It is during these30

  This question has long been a maelstrom for victims of domestic violence who are determined to seek and remain in God’s will for their lives, yet wander around to find an acceptable way out of their terror-filled relationship. Unfortunately, the related confusion has cost many their lives before they could find an answer. Last30

This will be a short post, folks. I want to bring this to the attention of the public, to the forefront. Advocates can confirm with statistics that if an abuser kills, does bodily harm, or even threatens to do so to a family pet, it is likely you are in line to become a victim of30

When I asked her where babies come from, Mama said, “Go ask your Daddy.” So, I asked Daddy, who replied, “Go ask your Mama.” My retort was, “But, she told me to ask you,” to which he answered, “Well, I’ll talk with her about it and let you know what we figure out.” Mama said,30

Someone recently related to me a conversation they had with the pastor of a church. He extended an invitation to visit and hear his next sermon, which would involve bringing in livestock for a visual effect, just before he “really hit them hard” with his message, sounding as if he were planning more for an30

So, answer me this: Who do you consider to have had the greatest impact on our world? Anyone, living or dead, whether family, friend or foe? Thomas Edison? Albert Einstein? Saddam Hussein? Your Aunt Gertrude? What impact will people say you made during your lifetime?     Who has had the greatest impact in the30

I HAVE UPDATED THIS POST. SEE THE LINK BELOW. THE VERDICT IS IN. WE MAY NOW REST OUR CASE. I know, I know – innocent until proven guilty. I work for attorneys, and have for most of my adult life. I get it. This is America, benefit of the doubt, I understand, and am thankful30

Those of us who were raised in denominational religion or churches, as we look around at the condition of society’s morals, probably repeat on a continual basis, “This has to be the last days.” We see all the reports about 2012 being the predicted year for Armageddon. I’m not so sure I’m biting that hook,30