If sin is sin, and divorce is sin, then it only makes sense there is forgiveness extended there, as well. Only problem is, I still have a problem with those trying to tell the victims of spousal assault who were brave enough to leave and obtain a divorce that THEY were the sinner.

I have actually found myself apologizing for the fact I never suffered a black eye or broken bone…Would the next incident have been the one that produced the broken bone, or worse yet, made me another murder victim? We have no way of knowing. Obviously, I can’t go back, and “what if” or “just maybe” don’t do any good. But, I have learned this through my experience as a domestic violence advocate – the statistics reflect the odds of escalation to serious injury, or death, were stacked way far against me!

45% of the women who make it to their shelter have first sought counseling with a pastor. She further went on to say that many of those victims were given the same message I was given in the 80s─”You made your bed, now lie in it. You are not allowed to leave.” These women were being told it was God’s will for them to remain in an abusive relationship, and some of them eventually died as a result of staying.

It wasn’t all honeysuckle and orange blossoms. During my childhood, growing up in the south also meant segregation.

Even though the state animal is the Florida panther, it would probably be more politically correct to identify it as the cockroach. In an effort to appear a bit more socially acceptable, many refer to them as palmetto bugs. I’m still suspicious that we had a broom standing in the corner of the kitchen more for insect control than sweeping floors. The Florida State bird is officially the mockingbird, but most of us natives know it is, in reality, the mosquito.