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Why Don’t You Just Leave?

“Why Don’t You Just Leave?” That is the most-often asked question of victims of domestic violence. . .
Not everyone gets another chance. Not every victim lives long enough to leave.

Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

I’ve also learned there are warning signs that raise red flags when there is a likelihood of an abusive relationship. The ABC reporter shared with me a list of 16 Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship as she handed me a small pocket-sized sheet furnished by The Spring. Because I care about you, the reader, here they are…

Easter 1985 – The Day I Chose to Escape Domestic Violence

we walked through the door to see beer bottles strewn everywhere, and the trash can in the kitchen overflowing with empties. Long story short – the end result was being grabbed by my hair and dragged throughout the house, being verbally abused to the maximum limit. Suddenly, I found myself having my head rammed into a closet door several times, while the threats and demeaning volatility raged on.

Emotional Abuse and Domestic Violence – Partners in Crime

While keeping my mouth shut as a victim of molestation and abuse, the inner screaming was deafening—a specter I grew weary of battling after all those years.