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endured sexual abuse as a child before becoming a victim of spousal abuse and battering as a woman. She is now an author, committed advocate, Designated Victim Services Practitioner and accredited speaker working to bring awareness regarding abuse. As a domestic violence survivor speaker, Carolyn informs, motivates and empowers victims and struggling survivors of abuse to see their options and potentials. She also educates and enlightens others, trying to eradicate the senseless emotional and mental damage, physical injuries, and far too often, deaths that occur as a result of abuse and domestic violence.



BeLEAVEing - Safely Leaving Abusive Relationships

BeLEAVEing – Safely Leaving Abusive Relationships

“Carolyn’s story is a troubling example of the violence towards women that is still ever-present in our society. Conversely, her perseverance in the face of such adversity and her tireless advocacy to stop such abuse are inspirational. It is my privilege to count her as a friend, and to let you, the reader, know that not only can Carolyn speak to this subject matter from personal experience, but with an expertise that both policy-makers in Washington and individuals in small towns are now fortunate enough to draw from with this book. No matter if you are a friend of someone in a troubled domestic environment, a concerned citizen, a professional in this field, or especially if you are a victim of domestic or sexual violence, this book will prove a helpful tool to help improve the situation of those at-risk women in your community, and to extricate yourself from an abusive environment. America’s women are the backbone of our country and the fiber that holds our society together, and they deserve to be treated as such. Our government must do what it can to make sure that happens, and I hope you can do the same.”

U.S. Representative Dennis A. Ross

15th Circuit, State of Florida

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 Domestic violence is at epidemic levels, affecting individuals in every community, regardless of age, income, education, profession, race, religion, nationality or lifestyle. Carolyn has been presenting for many years to large and small groups as varied as a statewide singles conference, universities, fundraisers for non-profit organizations, radio and television interviews, along with addressing the staff of a local station of the importance media plays in the work against domestic violence. While speaking and fielding audience questions at numerous Barnes & Noble locations during book signings, Hennecy shared valuable information, drawing more public awareness to the suffering from abuse and domestic violence. When Carolyn speaks, she does much more than talk and quote percentages. Whenever you attend one of her events, there will be tears, yet there will be laughter. Her focus on healing and restoration becomes real as she relates her personal story of abuse, battering and attempted suicide. She helps others learn from her own experiences, and not only shares valuable statistics, but also how to prevent becoming one.

Her book, Orange Blossom Wishes: Child Molested─Woman Abused: Her Victorious Journey to Freedom, is Carolyn’s autobiography─a bold statement of the abuse she endured, as well as how she found restoration and the power of forgiveness. Orange Blossom Wishes has been utilized by domestic abuse shelters, agencies, rape crisis interventionists, various ministries and other organizations working toward bringing public awareness to this important issue.

In 2010, Hennecy was selected by Verizon as a survivor spokesperson to attend the International Family Justice Center Conference, where she participated on a panel discussing, “Long Term Support for Domestic Violence Victims and Survivors.” In 2011, Hope Haven and Osceola County Domestic Violence Task Force welcomed her as keynote speaker for their annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month conference. She shared her story, along with information regarding the current status of our nation’s work against abuse, with representatives from the legal field, law enforcement, social case workers, and advocates, as an accredited course. Featured as the opening segment on ABC Action News’ 2011 campaign, “Taking Action Against Domestic Violence,” Carolyn was spotlighted for her endurance through years of verbal and emotional abuse which eventually led to physical violence. The 1-hour yearly prime time special is highly acclaimed, having won multiple Emmys, and Carolyn’s story garnered much public attention.

Carolyn Hennecy’s voice resonates the messages of recognizing the potential for and avoiding abusive relationships, developing policies within corporate and inter-faith environments for protecting the workplace or congregations from domestic violence and its potential dangers, as well as expressing the needs of victims for public understanding and awareness of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Victims and survivors are in desperate need of those who will care, listen, and act.

By sharing her personal story with zeal and southern charm, Carolyn is described as “keepin’ it real.” In her own words:

“I share my battles and victories with all the victims and struggling survivors of abuse and domestic violence as encouragement, support and to relay to you the message that there is hope, there is a way out and there is a way to empowerment. You have the right to choose the life you want to lead. Choose wisely, and live happily.

Being a support system and advocate for each of you is the passion of my life. I found the way out of the passageway of darkness. Now my life is dedicated to extending my hand as a fellow traveler, to help you realize the light coming at you in that dark tunnel of despair is not a train of destruction, rather the beacon of hope!”

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Carolyn at Key West Naval Air Station greeted by Commanding Officer Captain Patrick Lefere before presenting 1-day seminar (used with permission)

Carolyn at Key West Naval Air Station greeted by Commanding Officer Captain Patrick Lefere before presenting 1-day seminar (used with permission)

Carolyn S. Hennecy: Domestic Violence Speaker

… an energetic, personable woman with the ability to simultaneously stir a crowd, yet put them at ease regarding topics such as domestic violence or sexual abuse. Carolyn informs, educates and empowers diverse audiences to understand and discover varied aspects of abuse and victimization, encouraging them to find their part in bringing awareness and methods of prevention to others. When sharing her personal journey from victim to survivor, she offers the spark to ignite a flame in the core of a listener, as well as an outstretched hand of a fellow traveler to struggling victims. Audiences find reassurance in hearing from a speaker with firsthand knowledge and experience regarding the topic being shared. Where the result of abuse or violence established a void, she speaks from her own life experiences and victories to bring restored hope. Through discussion, lecture or intervention, she turns past tragedies into positive points for learning about, preventing and overcoming various forms of abuse.

Carolyn’s autobiography, Orange Blossom Wishes: Child Molested, Woman Abused—Her Victorious Journey to Freedom, was published in conjunction with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Since then she  has spoken at state universities, addressed television news staff regarding the role media plays in bringing awareness to domestic violence, taught seminars on recognizing and overcoming abuse and victimization, in addition to appearing on various radio and television programs. She was featured on ABC Action News 1-hour primetime Emmy award winning special, Taking Action against Domestic Violence. She shared her story of enduring verbal and emotional abuse, which eventually escalated to physical violence, and how she has overcome such adversities to be the powerful, outspoken woman who so many ask to hear from today. The Osceola County Domestic Violence Task Force invited Carolyn to serve as keynote speaker at their annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month Conference. She presented the accredited course, “Mourn, Celebrate, Connect” to law enforcement, social workers, mental health counselors and advocates.

Hennecy also serves as a survivor spokesperson for the American Heart Association.

You may direct any inquiries regarding training, interviews and/or speaking engagements to Carolyn by going to “Contact Me” at the top of this page and completing our questionnaire. You will receive a timely response.

Workshops, seminars and presentations can be scheduled from a half-hour to a full day in length. Prices are quoted separately per individual venue, based upon location, group size, travel expenses, per diem, incidentals, and focusing to work within host’s available budget. 

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